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Lennox Flower Brooch

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There are flowers. And then there are Schmalberg flowers. Schmalberg’s been making fabric flowers since 1919 and everyone from Marchesa to Oscar de la Renta come to them. They’ve been on Sex and the City (yes, the giant gold flower) and in Martha Stewart (hello, beautiful!) And now they are in your box! We walked over to Schmalberg (who by the way are the nicest) and they helped us pick an assortment of petals that you can mix and match. You can take out all the color and go winter white or split your petals up and make a few mini flowers. A flower pin can be be worn on your belt or fastened to a long necklace. Sometimes we just roll with it thrown on an old army jacket.


  • scissors
  • needle


  • fabric petals
  • pin finding
  • metallic thread (or clear fishing line if you have some)
  • ribbon or scrap of fabric
  • vintage stamen
Fstep1s Pin-it%402x

Decide what kind of flower you’d like to make. Each box has a one of a kind assortment of petals so yours will be the only one like it. Snip the thread that held the petals in place for shipping and arrange them however you’d like.

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Bend the stamen in half. Starting with the top petal thread the stamen through the hole in each petal.

Fstep3s Pin-it%402x

Fold the stamen back and stitch them to the flower with metallic thread. Make sure to stitch through all of the petals layers. If you stitch in the center of the flower your stitches will be covered up with the stamen.

Fstep4s Pin-it%402x

Cut a small rectangle of fabric or silk ribbon. This will secure the pin to the flower.

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Place the pin finding on the back of the flower, then the fabric over it so that the stationary half is facing down. Stitch along the edge of the fabric to secure the pin.