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Marshall Street Raffia Belt

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The belts on the spring runway at Burberry stole the show. It made raffia look fresh and chic which we had never thought possible. A raffia belt can cinch in a flowing summer dress just as well as it accents a fall trench. We especially love it layered it over a floral pattern dress. You could also add wood beads or studs to it for a lushly embellished look. If you end up with extra raffia try stitching it on a woven clutch or tying it onto a necklace Lanvin style.


  • crewel needle #1
  • scissors


  • hunter raffia fiber
  • ivory thread bobbin
  • stretch woven raffia trim
  • silver belt buckle

Print Tutorial

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Gather your materials and tools. You’ll need scissors and your For the Makers needle.

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Thread the raffia through the crewel needle. To make it easier to work with you may want to cut it into sections. We used about 2 yards at a time.

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Starting at the first end of the woven belt pull the raffia through the first hole

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Pull until you’ve reached the end of the raffia.

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Tie a knot around the stretch woven trim. Then tie a double knot. There is no need to hide it as it will blend in with the stitching as you go.

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Start your first stitch, pushing from bottom of the stretch trim.

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Make a whipstitch by creating a loop along the edge of the woven trim and pulling the threaded needle back through it.

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Secure the stitch by pulling tightly before starting your next stitch.

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To keep your stitches even you can use the grid on the back of the woven trim as a guide. Just keep stitching.

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You’ll reach the end of the raffia you’ve cut. When you do reach the end you’ll tie the next piece of raffia to the end of your first piece and keep stitching.

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Trim the ends but no need to hide the knot. It will blend into your stitches.

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In order to get a correct fit measure the belt around your waist. No need to stitch more than you need to!

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Cut the stretch woven ribbon to the correct measurement. Leaving an extra inch of stretch woven trim on each side.

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Repeat stitching on the other side. Keep whipstitching until you’ve reached the end of the woven trim. Double knot the raffia to tie it off.

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Trim the raffia.

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Making sure that you attach the raffia to the correct side of the silver belt buckle fold the raffia over the belt component.

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Fold the belt edge over and then over once more, creating a clean edge.

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Thread the ivory thread through the needle. We doubled up for extra security.

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Pull the thread through a strand of the raffia.

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Knot the thread around the raffia to secure it. Make a double knot.

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Start stitching the stack of woven trim together. We used a running stitch and made lots of tight stitches to flatten the trim a bit.

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Once its secure double knot the thread.

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Snip your excess thread.

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Repeat on the opposite end of the belt.