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Navy Yard Studded Bangle

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We fell in love with these vintage bangles we found in an old jewelry warehouse in Rhode Island. When they arrived and we unwrapped them we found that they were packed in newspaper that is older than us. With the addition of eggplant ribbon and a few brass studs these bangles have a new life. Layer it with a mix of materials: wood, crystal, brass and fabric all work.


  • ruler
  • glue (a tacky glue works great)
  • pen or thin Sharpie
  • scissors


  • flat eggplant trim
  • brass pyramid studs
  • vintage (yes really) brass bangle
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Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need scissors, a pen and glue. We used a tacky glue that works really well with fabric but you could probably get away with almost any glue.

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Starting on the left side of your trim add the first stud. Make sure to place it so that it goes through the ribbon even with the edge of the trim. Press the prongs so that they go through the trim.

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Fold over the prongs with your finger (or a pair of pliers if you’d like) and press them flat.

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Place the stud next to your ruler. Line it up so that the center of the first stud is at the zero mark. Measure and mark 2 1/8” or 54mm with your pen. This is where you’ll place the center of your next stud.

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Add the second stud.

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Measure again, using the same distance, and mark the placement of the third stud.

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Measure, mark, and add the fourth stud.

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Now you’ve got all your studs added and you’re ready to inlay the trim into the channel of the bangle.

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Add a bit of glue and spread it with your finger, careful to keep the glue inside the channel, wiping the rim as you go. You’ll want to work in sections, adding a bit of glue, thinning it out with your finger, and then pressing the trim over it.

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Spread it. A little goes a long way here. You don’t want to the glue to seep all the way through the trim.

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Hold the trim firmly as you press it into the glue.

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Once you’ve glued all of the studs you’ll have a bit of a tail on each side.

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Cut the first side cleanly and press into the glue underneath it.

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Holding the opposite side of the trim mark where the ribbons will overlap.

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Cut cleanly. Make sure you cut carefully because if you cut too little you’ll have a bit of bangle peeking through.

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Press into the glue and mush them a bit so that they blend together.

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Stack it! We love it worn with a mix of natural materials and fun textures.


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over 5 years ago

Do you have any suggestions as to where I could purchase pyramid studs like these?



over 5 years ago

@Alissa0917 yep! The oh so appropriately named spikes and studs has a bunch: http://studsandspikes.com/buy/studs_pyramid-studs-spots.html Don't be frightened by the whole biker thing :)



about 5 years ago

Where would you recommend going to purchase the bracelet used as the base to make more of these?



almost 4 years ago

Love this bracelet! What size are the pyramid studs? I'd love to find these and recreate this classic style!