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New Age Necklace

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Have you ever wondered how you could harness the power of crystals for emotional or physical healing? Yeah, we haven’t either.

But, combined with curb chain and soft silk ribbons, it’s less healer and a little more well-heeled. And for an even simpler necklace, just string the crystal on gold thread with any other fun things you have around.

Plus, I guess it never hurts to have your chakras aligned.




  • hand-dyed silk ribbon
  • about 5” of the gold thread
  • curb chain
  • faceted crystal smokey quartz
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Gather your materials. You’ll use all of the curb chain included in your box here - no need to measure. You can adjust the amount of silk you use depending on the length of necklace you’d prefer. Just make sure it’s long enough to slip over your head.

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Thread one end of the silk ribbon through the last link in the chain. Secure with a knot, leaving a few inches at the end.

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Thread the crystal onto the gold thread, leaving a few inches on each side.

Cnstep4 Pin-it%402x

Pull the other end of the ribbon through the remaining end of the chain. Double knot the crystal to the silk just above the chain.

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To cover up the thread tie another knot with the silk ribbon.

Cnstep6 Pin-it%402x

Trim all of your ends, but leave a few inches of ribbon hanging. Ribbon looks prettiest at a 45 degree angle.