First Bloom Collection

Orchid Key Fob

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The pairing of super soft orchid leather with mod hardware will add some luxe to the everyday. We love the idea of adding this to our carry on bags for spring adventures at a moment's notice.


  • scissors
  • ink pen


  • gold split-ring
  • gold screw-in stud
  • orchid leather
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Gather your materials, a pair of scissors, and a pen.

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Lay the soft orchid leather strip suede side up. Fold over a small section of the end- about an inch.

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Fold the opposite end over so that it almost meets the opposite edge.

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When it’s folded it will look like this from the side.

Ok5w Pin-it%402x

With your folded leather sandwich, mark where to put the screw-in stud with small pen marks.

Ok7w Pin-it%402x

The stud will go about an inch from the folded edge. Mark each layer of leather, including the last fold.

Ok8w Pin-it%402x

Unfold and cut each layer of leather with the smallest slit possible.

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Place the screw-in part of the stud into the first hole. Press the leather all the way down to the back of the screw.

Ok12 Pin-it%402x

On the other end of the leather place the key ring through and fold the leather over.

Ok14w Pin-it%402x

Press the screw through the rest of the holes.

Ok15w Pin-it%402x

Screw on the top to the stud. Make sure to hold the leather firmly so it doesn't spin when turning the stud. Screw until it is a snug fit.

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Add some keys and hit the road!


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about 6 years ago

I cant wait to make this keychain!!! Where can I buy the metal piece with the screw that attaches both ends?



about 6 years ago

Quick to make and looks great!



about 6 years ago

As always, this month's box is full of beautiful things to create, however I wish For the Makers would be more animal friendly and mindful of subscribers who do not use animal products such as leather.



about 6 years ago

Love it.



about 6 years ago

Instead of marking with a pen and cutting with scissors, you can use the ginormous bookbinding needle to carefully poke holes through all three layers. Wriggle the eye end of the needle around to enlarge the holes until the screw will fit through them. Then disassemble and reassemble it however many times it takes for you to remember to put the keychain loop in, and on the correct end. (Or maybe that's just me!)



about 6 years ago

This is great, and I absolutely adore all the projects in this kit! Perfect degree of difficulty, and just the right amount of time to make you feel like you're doing a cool and engaging craft, but not too much that it becomes overwhelming or you don't even want to do it. Also, I (and I imagine most of us) disagree with Ashley Elizabeth down there. I love the soft leather, and the suede in previous kits, and it just wouldn't feel as chic or high end if we were to substitute for *groan* pleather!



about 6 years ago

My favorite kit so far! Terrific choices



almost 6 years ago

I thought this project was a little simple for my liking - took less than 5 minutes and not very original or creative. I want something more challenging!



almost 6 years ago

I really enjoyed this month's box. I especially like the light lavender leather in this project. It is so soft and chic. I feel so elegant reaching for my keys with this keychain. Excellent project!! I prefer leather to pleather.



almost 6 years ago

I just put this together on my lunch break. The leather is so soft, and the color is beautiful! Yes, this is a simple project, but sometimes you want that sense of instant gratification. In the midst of a Monday, I feel like I've accomplished something, which is a good feeling.



almost 6 years ago

I don't use leather either, but made it and plan to give it as a gift. However, would be nice to make sure my box is #vegan. Hadn't even thought to make sure before I ordered!



almost 6 years ago

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this project and that it didn't take long to complete. It's hard to find a large chunk of time to complete a project, and it frustrates me to start something and not have time to finish it in one sitting. I've never made anything like this before. It's very pretty. I have so many store keychain cards that I always have to dig out to get scanned. I don't like keeping them on my keyring with my keys, as it's too bulky. This is perfect for them. The longer length of the fob makes it efficient to reach out of my bag. Thanks Makers!