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Overboard Bracelet

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This one is all about the details. An oversize brass button acts as the clasp and a touch of teal thread keeps it all together. We love how so many men are adding a woven bracelet or two to their more classic looks for the summer so we're borrowing a bit from the boys here. It feels a Pitto Oumo and a little Costa Rican surf camp, both of which we'd like an invite to attend. This is one of those cases where less is more- no need to stack on the bracelets. Just don't tell anyone we said that.


  • super glue
  • scissors


  • braided leather rope (It’s cool. It’s vegan)
  • teal cotton thread
  • shiny brass button clasp

Print Tutorial

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Gather your scissors and super glue.

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Thread the brass button clasp onto the leather cord. Slide it about an inch from the end.

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Fold the remaining inch of cord over on itself.

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Holding both ends of the folded cord in one hand start to wrap them together with the teal thread. Leave a small tail at the end to use for a knot in a moment.

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Continue wrapping the thread. We wrapped it around about eight times.

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Tie a knot. Make it a double (or even a triple) and add a very small dab of glue to the knot.

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Clip your threads close to the knot.

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Now that you've secured your clasp measure where you'd like the loop. This will depend on your wrist and how loose you'd like the bracelet to fit.

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With your wrist measured create a loop with the cord on the opposite end of the cord. The brass button should fit snugly through it.

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Again wrap the teal thread around both cords in order to keep the loop secure.

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Double knot your thread and add a small dab of glue before snipping the excess thread.

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Cut any extra cord you may have.

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Clasp it onto your wrist using the button clasp- just like you would insert a button into a buttonhole.