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Plymouth Necklace

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The Plymouth necklace is our current wear it everyday necklace. With it's pop of cool magenta it will easily slip into your fall uniform. Classic architectural brass jewelry pairs with fall's smash up of pattern mixes and jewel tones. It works on it’s own or layer it with basic brass chains for extra credit.. The fact that you can wear it long or short means that you’ll be able to just throw it in your suitcase and go.


  • flat nose pliers (your basic hardware store pliers are fine here)
  • scissors


  • rectangular brass bars
  • brass donut beads
  • magenta woven cord
  • tiny brass crimps
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Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need scissors and flatnose pliers. You’ll just be using them to squish your crimp beads so any hardware store pliers will work.

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Fold the magenta cording in half and line it up with your first brass bar.

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Thread the cord through through the holes on each side.

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Once the cord has gone through both holes pull the bar evenly until it reaches the middle of the cord.

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You’ll create a C shape with the cord.

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Next add a brass donut on each end of the cord. You’ll add two brass donut beads in between each bar.

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If the cord starts to fray or become difficult to work with just give it a quick snip.

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Continue adding bars and donut beads until you’ve threaded all five bars onto the cord.

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Center the bars on the cord and cross the ends of the cord over each other.

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With the tail of the left side tie an overhand knot around the right side cord.

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Tighten the knot, leaving an inch long tail at the end.

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Repeat on the opposite side, making sure that the knots are level with each other.

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Thread a crimp bead onto the end of the cord.

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Using your pliers, press the crimp tightly onto the cord.

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This will keep the cord from fraying as well as keeping the knots in place.

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Trim the end of each cord.


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over 4 years ago

Just made this on lunch break today. Cute and quick project! Will wear this often. The cord on this is thin enough that the sliding knot treatment works well (haven't been as wild about it on some of the other necklaces). Been in a creative slump lately, so hopefully this will snap me back to daily making!