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Port of Call Camera Strap

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Break out the good film! This will help you capture all your wet hot American summer adventures. We found we were always forgetting we had our cameras with us whenever we kept them in our bags. So we added an understated strap so we can just throw them over our shoulders this summer. We love the preppy tomboy touch this striped grosgrain ribbon adds.

Feel free to use it as a purse strap, to hold any device with a small hole to attach it to or for jazzing up your work keycard or ID badge. There is no reason not to fill out TPS reports in style.


  • needle
  • scissors


  • cream thread bobbin
  • spring rings
  • striped ribbon
  • lobster swivel clasps
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Ideally you'll have a camera you'd like to rock this summer but feel free to get creative with what you're strapping to the strap. We've included small spring rings in case the holes you are working with are too smal for the swivel lobster clasp. Once you've tracked down your camera you'll need scissors and your For the Makers needle.

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Thread your needle and cut your thread. You'll need about half a yard.

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Slip your ribbon through the hole in your swivel lobster clasp.

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Pull about 2" of ribbon through the hole and fold over just the very edge of the ribbon.

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Fold once more to ensure your ribbon stays secure and doesn't unravel on your adventures.

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Fold about an inch of your ribbon over the swivel lobster clasp, keeping your previous folds in place.

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Start stitching the ribbon together by pulling your needle and thread from the interior of the folds. This neat trick lets you hide the end of your thread.

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Whipstitch the exterior of your ribbon a few times to secure it.

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Once it's secure on the edge start a running stitch across the width of your ribbon.

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You'll want to use stitches on the smaller side since it's not very wide. More stitches means more secure!

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Once you've running stitched your ribbon together whipstitch the opposite side of your ribbon to secure it.

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Once your whipstitched the second side several times knot your thread and snip the excess.

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Repeat the process of stitching your ribbon to the swivel lobster clasp on the opposite end.

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Too small? Most vintage and print cameras should fit but they are different so we've included spring rings to use if you need them.

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Add them to your camera just like you would add a key to a keychain.

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Adventure awaits!


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over 4 years ago

oh I have this camera but mines blue. I got mine from fab. this would be a great project for me.