Advanced Geometry Collection

Pythagorean Pouch

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Perfect for toting baubles, lipstick, useless receipts or school supplies. It works equally well thrown in a larger bag to keep your tiniest belongings super organized or as a ultra-chill version of a wallet. Just fill it with a few bucks when you need to run across the street for a coffee and a bagel. Fill it with sweet treats for mother's day.



  • muslin pouch
  • embroidery thread
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Print your Triangle Pattern and choose which pattern you’d like. Or just go without the pattern and start stitching whatever you’d like.

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Cut out your pattern so that it is small enough to put inside your pouch.

Mp_3 Pin-it%402x

Place it inside the pouch and position it how you’d like it.

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Using a pencil (or tailor’s chalk) trace the pattern onto the muslin fabric. Stretch the fabric taut while tracing to keep all your lines straight. Once you’ve got the pattern traced remove the paper pattern.

Mp_5 Pin-it%402x

When you are ready to start stitching your pouch should look like this.

Mp_6 Pin-it%402x

Cut your thread. We used about 1.5 yards.

Mp_7 Pin-it%402x

Thread your needle and knot your thread.

Mp_8 Pin-it%402x

Starting at one bottom corner and working your way up begin to stitch. A running stitch works great.

Mp_9 Pin-it%402x

Stitch along each drawn line.

Pouch_re_3 Pin-it%402x

Stitch the exteriors of the triangle first.

Pouch_re_4 Pin-it%402x

Then come back and stitch the interior lines.

Mp_13 Pin-it%402x

Work your way to the top of the pouch as you stitch.

Mp_14 Pin-it%402x

Once you’ve stitched each triangle, knot your thread on the interior of the pouch with a double knot.

Mp_15 Pin-it%402x

Snip excess thread.

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Start piling in your odds and ends.