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Brownstone Collection

Requited Love Stitched Cards

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It’s a Valentine! It’s stitched! It’s a stitched Valentine! These are just the right size to leave in unexpected places for your Valentine. With three different designs there is enough to give one to your kiddo, one to your love and one for your best pal. Or three lovers. Or two besties and Ryan Gosling.


  • needle
  • scissors
  • pen


  • card
  • envelope
  • gem sticker
  • thread
1%20materials Pin-it%402x

Gather your materials. Thread your needle and knot your thread.

2%20stitch Pin-it%402x

Coming from the backside of the card use your needle to poke a hole in the card, using the grey dots as a guide. Holding the card up to a light helps to see the dots from the backside.

3%20pull Pin-it%402x

Pull the thread through.

5%20first%20one Pin-it%402x

Follow the design in the dots and keep stitching.

6%20second Pin-it%402x

Keep going.

9%20tie%20knot Pin-it%402x

At the last hole tie a large tight knot on the backside.

10%20cut Pin-it%402x

Cut your thread.

13%20stick Pin-it%402x

Slip it into the envelope and add a little gem sticker on the back to close.

12%20mail Pin-it%402x

Leave it in a sneaky spot. Or just hand it over (and totally make out).