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Sorbet Pocket Notebook

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Just the thing for making plans and taking names. With this simple bookbinding technique you’ll want to make a notebook for every pocket. We’ve included enough bookbinding linen and paper to make stacks of books. Use patterned paper, fashion magazines or old National Geographics to create additional covers in fresh colors.


  • 3” bookbinding needle
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • ink pen


  • linen thread
  • white notepaper
  • kraft chipboard sheet
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll need a ruler with a hard edge, a pen, and scissors.

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Tear off 6 sheets at a time until you get to 24 sheets total.

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Line up the 6 sheets of paper and fold in half. Press firmly to create a hard edge.

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Fold the remaining sections in half. You will now have 4 sections of folded paper.

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Open a folded section and line your ruler along the edge. You will make 3 marks with your pen (this is where your needle will poke through). The first one will be 1/2" from the left edge. The second mark is 2" from the left edge and the third mark is 1/2" from the right edge. Make a small dot at each mark.

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Pierce a hole with the bookbinding needle in each of the spots you marked.

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Repeat for each of the paper bundles you've created.

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Stack the paper bundles inside of each other to create one stack of paper.

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With the cover longways find the center and make several marks. This will help you create an even spine.

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Line up your ruler along the marks you've just made.

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Using the ruler to create a straight edge, fold the kraft board over the ruler to create a straight fold.

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Use your fingers to flatten and even out the crease to create the spine.

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With the ruler lined up along the spine make a small mark 1/2" from either end of the chipboard as well as 2" from each end to create the center mark.

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Create three holes where you've just marked with the bookbindng needle

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Slide the stack of paper into the chipboard cover. Aligning all the holes.

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Cut a length of the linen thread- about one yard.

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Thread your needle. If you'd like you could double up on thread for an added dose of color.

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Starting from the center hole, push the needle through each layer of paper and chipboard.

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Pull the thread through each of the pages but leave a short tail. You'll use this to tie a knot to secure the notebook at the end.

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Work the needle through each layer of the second hole.

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Coming from the exterior of the notebook pull the needle through the third hole. Make sure to work the needle through each layer of paper.

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Thread the needle back through the center hole.

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Flip the book around and pull each end of the thread taut.

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Tie a double knot.

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Snip the excess thread. We left about an inch on each side you you could snip them closer or tie a small bow as well.

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Trim the ends of the interior paper. This step is totally optional but we preferred the way a nice clean edge looked.

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To flatten the notebook leave it under something heavy- a paperweight or a stack of books would work- for a few hours.

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Start making plans. Hopefully they include brunch.


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about 5 years ago

Does the needle come in the box?



about 5 years ago

@Blessedlissa Yes it does! Be sure to keep it for making more notebooks. It's the best book binding needle and you won't want to loose it!



about 5 years ago

Was my box supposed to come with only one spool of thread?



about 5 years ago

@SaraElisabeth Yes! One spool is enough to make tons of books.



about 5 years ago

Just to clarify - I am only supposed to have one piece of cardstock for the cover, right? Because I'm not sure how I'm supposed to make multiple books in this case. Also, to use patterned paper to make a cover, do I cover the cardstock with the paper, or just use the paper alone? Sry if that's a dumb question!



about 5 years ago

@Howgenerica Yep! One piece of cardstock was included but you can use any paper as a cover. It doesn't need to be super thick. We've used pages from an old Vogue or patterned paper- no need to use the cardstock in addition to the paper.



about 5 years ago

You can sew additional designs in to the cardstock with the thread for some added prettiness!



about 5 years ago

@katieejames What a great idea! Thanks!



about 5 years ago

Just finished my notebook, with a Paris-themed cover. Fun project! I do a lot of crafts, but bookbinding was brand-new to me. I will definitely be making a stack of these.



about 5 years ago

So cute! Love this...going to make more to give as gifts!



about 5 years ago

i used the other cards that come with the boxes and the cardstock from the note pad to make more notebooks. i'm up to 6 so far. I'm covering the cards with scrapbook paper i bought on sale. pics to come on my pinterest. Woo hoo! This is a fun project