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Not your Grandmother's Tassel Earrings

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Tassels aren't just for your grandmother’s drapes anymore. They are now sprouting from belts, balloons, insanely long earrings, blouses, loafers, and statement necklaces. They are having a bit of a moment. We decided to go the earring route here. For extra credit you could make multiple tassels and hang them from your favorite trinket necklace.


  • scissors
  • a credit card or library card


  • thread (either monochromatic or mixed colors)
  • beads or crystal stones
  • ear wires


45 minutes
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Step 1: Cut 1 ½ yards of gold sparkle thread and silver sparkle thread (add in 1 ½ yards of pink floss if you want a little color in your tassels). With one hand hold the ends of the thread against the credit card. With your other hand start wrapping the thread around the card in tight loops until you reach the end.

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When you’re finished wrapping it should look like this.

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Cut a 6” piece of sparkle thread and tie a firm knot, leaving enough of a loop at the top to attach it to your ear wire.

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Take one end of the knotted loop and place it under the thread wrapped around the card.

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Tie a double knot securing the looped threads together. Pull thread off of card.

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Cut 12” of sparkle thread and start wrapping it around the head of the tassel holding one end secure. Tie it off and trim ends.

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Trim bottom threads to make them even and pretty.

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Repeat for second tassel. Attach ear wires to top loops. If you’d like to add some more awesomeness to your earrings you can tie the teardrop moonstones onto the ear wires with your extra thread.