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Surfside Necklace

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With bold oversize beads in white, black, and tan this necklace is perfect for throwing in your suitcase and pairing with just about everything. Inspired by the sculptural ceramic jewelry we’ve been seeing lately, this necklace is what we like to call the ‘ceramics professor on vacation’ look. Of course, if you aren’t into rocking floral muumuus and sipping mai tais, we’re pretty into how it looks with silk dresses and denim tops too.

There's more! You’re making your own beads here so you can really make them in any shape and size you’d like. Thin discs, uneven donuts, one huge sphere or many smaller beads could all be amazing. We’ll show you tons of different ways to inspire you (of course we had to add a little color and sparkle) but we can’t wait to see what you’re making. #forthemakers


  • wax or parchment paper
  • cookie sheet
  • plastic straw (shhhh, we stole one from the deli)
  • glass or a flat, even surface


  • tan cord
  • black wood bead
  • clay beads (handmade by you!)
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Gather your tools and materials. Next time you order an iced coffee save the straw- you'll need it for this project. Grab wax or parchment paper and a glass from the kitchen.

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Unwrap the clay and break it into four equal sections. It breaks pretty easily along the lines.

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Roll three of the sections into even spheres.

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Roll the other two sections into spheres too. You'll have one extra section to make something else!

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Line up all three spheres. Press the glass down firmly and evenly to create a donut shape. Do this to each of the beads until you have three donut-shaped beads.

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Find the center of the beads and insert the straw to create the hole. Make sure as you are pushing the straw hrough the clay that it's straight so the hole is even on both sides. Twist the straw slightly as you remove it to make sure the bead has a smooth interior.

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They are ready to cook!

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Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Bake in the oven at 275 degrees for about 40 minutes. If you change things up on the size of the beads just remember to cook 15 minutes for every quarter of an inch of clay. Check on them about every 10 minutes or so. Polymer clay can become brownish if over-baked.

Bake. Remove from the oven and let cool.

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Thread each of the beads onto the tan cord.

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Bring the beads to the center and make sure each end of the cord is even. Thread the first end of the cord through the black wood bead.

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Thread the second end of the cord through the black wood bead. Pull to tighten. The wood bead should sit snugly on top of the white clay beads.

You can make a small knot with the cords inside the wood bead if you'd like it to stay put.

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Lay out the necklace and overlap the end of the cords. Pull the left cord to the right, over the opposite cord.

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Tie a sliding knot by going over and through the opposite cord.

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Pull to tighten.

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Repeat on the other side of the cord. These sliding knots make the necklace adjustable so you can wear it long or short. Pairing it with a mai tai is optional.


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about 5 years ago

Can I use markers to color the clay at all?



about 5 years ago

Never mind my question - I tried it anyway and it worked out great!



about 5 years ago

Krista, what kind of markers did you use? I like that idea



about 5 years ago

Lynnieb - I used 2 different color Sharpies, a teal and purple. I rolled the clay into a snake shape before, colored the sharpies on some wax paper, then rolled the clay around on the color. After that I made the bead shape, and it made this sort of tie-dye effect.



about 5 years ago

At first I didn't think I would like this necklace. I made mine very similar to the picture but took a seashell and made a pattern along the wheels. I misjudged it and now love wearing it to work!



about 5 years ago

Didn't think I'd like this necklace, as it was so plain. However, after deciding to paint each bead with nail polish, after they baked, changed everything. I did each bead with a different shade of blue or green...reminds me of the ocean. With the extra piece of clay, I decided to make a heart-shaped bead, which I eventually painted and put on a ribbon with some pretty glass beads. Makes a lovely decoration to hang in the home...one of the gifts for Mom's Day.



about 5 years ago

does anyone know where I can buy more of this tan cord? I thought this was the corn in the other project and I started cutting it to tie onto the sunglass strap when I realized it wasn't the orange cord :( woops



almost 5 years ago

Made this necklace today, using the advice about painting the baked beads with nail polish. Used a light blue, mint green and lilac colors. I like this project - different than the necklaces I usually wear. Will wear it to a BBQ tomorrow.



over 4 years ago

OH YAY! I have a big box of clay sitting at home and planned to use it for homemade beads in the first place but these will be great !!!! awesome idea I will deff. experiment around and prob. paint them too.