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Two of Hearts Clips

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We found these vintage hearts stitched with green and gold bugle beads and knew they had to come home with us. Wear your heart on your sleeve, your lapel, your tote or your shoes. All you have to do is clip it.


  • needle
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pen or marker


  • two vintage beaded hearts
  • felted wool
  • shoe clips
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Gather your materials. You’ll need the two vintage hearts, wool felt, shoe clips and thread from your box. You’ll also need a pair of scissors.

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Trace the outline of the hearts onto the felt with a pen or a thin marker. They are handmade vintage hearts so each one is slightly different (handle with care). You’ll want to trace each separately on the felt so they fit exactly.

4%20cutout Pin-it%402x

Cut out the felt hearts just inside your marker line.

5%20mark%20your%20position Pin-it%402x

Place the metal shoe clip where you want it on the back of the felt hearts. Mark the position with your marker.

6%20sew%20on%20shoe%20clips%202 Pin-it%402x

Stitch each shoe clip in place.

7%20line%20them%20up Pin-it%402x

Make sure each felt heart lines up with each beaded heart.

8%20glue Pin-it%402x

Glue them together. We used a strong tacky glue.

9%20put%20together Pin-it%402x

Smooth out the glue and let it dry.

Heart%201 Pin-it%402x

Rock out with your hearts out.

10%20clip%20on%201 Pin-it%402x

Make your shoes fancy too!