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Yates Sachet

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Inspired by our grandmother’s linen cabinets this lavender sachet will keep your top drawer smelling like spring all year long. We fell in love with this gorgeous metallic linen and had to have it. To mix it up, try experimenting with different sachet shapes or create one larger sachet. It would be especially lovely monogrammed as a gift.



  • dried lavender
  • metallic linen
  • thread bobbin in smoke
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Gather your tools and materials. You’ll need scissors, a pen, your template, a piece of paper and tape or a funnel.

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We’ve created a template but you could also just wing it by cutting the fabric in quarters.

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Begin with two quarters of fabric and place them right-side (the metallic side) in toward each other.

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Cut your template around the smaller square. Trace along the edge of the template. Make two little marks to show where you’ll leave it unstitched until the very end.

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Cut a few feet of thread and thread your needle.

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Knot the thread and start stitching at the first little mark. Stitch along the line you just drew, stitching toward the corner. So that no lavender escapes into your drawers use a backstitch to create small, even stitches.

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Backstitch is very similar to a basic running stitch. It begins exactly the same but when you’re coming up through the fabric to create your second stitch you’ll come up one stitch length away and then back through the same hole where you ended the first stitch.

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Two steps forward and one step back!

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When you get to the corner make a tiny stitch or two in the same place to secure the corners.

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Once you’ve stitched to the second little mark you’ve drawn stop, tie a double knot and snip the thread.

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Trim excess fabric leaving about a quarter inch, including the excess corners.

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Flip the fabric metallic side out.

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Use a pen to softly push out the corners.

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Tuck in the excess fabric along the opening.

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Create a paper funnel with paper and tape or use any small funnel you may have around. A funnel for filling a flask would be pretty perfect.

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Add the lavender. Leaving room at the top to stitch.

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Stitch up the opening with a small whipstitch. Begin with the knotted thread tucked in between the fabric.

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You can stop once the opening is stitched shut or continue stitching all the way around the sachet if you’d like. We love the look of both. Decisions!

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Knot your thread and snip the extra.

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Then make another!


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almost 6 years ago

Definitely going to embroider a monogram using the hoop from September on these before sewing them together. Already love the smell of lavender coming from the open box on my coffee table :)



almost 6 years ago

Love the shiny linen. These sachets DO scream out for some embellishment, though! Buttons and surface embroidery to create some flowers, perhaps. Can't wait to make these.



almost 6 years ago

agree. a too-plain project on its own.



almost 6 years ago

Really pretty...enough lavender left to make another with my own material supply. Smells wonderful, also!



almost 6 years ago

Hi, do you have the downloadable tutorial? It's printer friendly :)



almost 6 years ago

Hi, I too need downloadable tutorials that are printer friendly.



almost 6 years ago

I tucked the sachets in with my hand-knits before packing them away for the summer. Love the metallic linen! Hope it'll be available for individual purchase later.... :)



almost 6 years ago

I made these, and I chose to embellish them with a few beads I had on hand. Lovely. I had more lavender than needed, so I simply emptied it into the little muslin bag. I can now use it for a bath! with no extra effort. BTW, dry the bag and use it until the scent runs out, if you dry it between baths, you could use it about three times. Fun little extra project.



almost 6 years ago

I loved this. So soothing to do and the lavender is calming me down while I study for the Bar.



almost 6 years ago

Where can I find the template?



almost 6 years ago

Hi @CK in the list of TOOLS above, there is a link to the template. Click on sachet template and from there you can download and print.



almost 6 years ago

Made these this afternoon. Decided to add some flower and butterfly buttons to decorate them. Love the lavender scent.



over 5 years ago

Quick and easy to do. I put mine in my desk drawer.