February 08, 2016


Thank you for 5 wonderful years! A goodbye letter.

Dear Makers,

Building this company has been an amazing project that has all but consumed me since it started in my apartment five years ago. I’ve seen incredible highs and a few humbling lows watching it grow and evolve. I've spent almost every waking hour thinking, making and doing everything possible to follow my dreams and build For the Makers into a brand that changed the perception of crafting. The goal was to elevate the art of making and to show our customers that if you put your mind to it, you can make something truly wonderful with your own two hands.

I hope FTM has brought you a sense of accomplishment in your projects, fun inside your home, and togetherness with your loved ones. I hope that you have learned some fun things along the way and that the Maker movement has been forever changed by the community that we grew and fostered together. Many of you have been with me all of the way from the beginning and for that I especially want to say thank you. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received from everyone involved, especially our customers, friends, investors, and partners.

A growing family has led me to reconsider why and how For the Makers is implemented. I have learned a lot about business and community over the past few years. Amazing partnerships have been forged and friendships have been made. I have also seen the company grow into something that is harder for me to validate. After the move away from subscription, it has become clear to me that New York is no longer the best home to foster my visions and dreams. With that in mind, I’m excited to be moving back to my home state of North Carolina. There, I plan to finish writing my second book (due out fall 2017, more details soon), renovate a home with my family, and reconnect with everything that fostered me as a maker.

While For the Makers will not follow, I’m certain that even more exciting projects are soon to come. I never wanted to helm a company that just sells to consumers. I’d much rather be part of a family that contributes to a community. As more and more companies enter this space and try to capture what FTM created, I realize too that I’ve never been good at riding the wave of a trend. I like to make them! So for now I am going back to the drawing board and looking forward to what the next chapter in life will bring.

THANK YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in this company. Thank you for spending your well-earned dollars on our projects and materials. Thank you for challenging me in ways I never knew possible. Thank you for championing and supporting For the Makers over the years. Your excitement for this brand pushed me in the good times and the bad. None of this would have been possible without you and I am forever grateful.

We will be packing up and heading south at the end of this month. For the Makers shop will be closing its doors Feb. 18th. The tutorials and blog will stay live for the foreseeable future.

We will begin our countdown with some huge sales to help slim down inventory before the move. So load up your carts tonight, because tomorrow morning you’ll get the biggest sale code, ever.

After the sale and the move south I am ready to take a much needed week-long nap! Then it is back to the lab. I am really excited to begin anew with a fresh pair of eyes. Stay connected to what is inspiring me on the daily, here. You can also sign up for my personal newsletter which focuses on, you guessed it, DIY!


Until we meet again,

Janet Crowther
founder + ceo
For the Makers


Some FAQs...

I’ve tried to answer some questions you may have below. For all other questions simply reply to this email or send a note to

Q: What is going to happen to the tutorials?

A: The tutorials will still be available for you to view online or print out and save. We might eventually migrate these to a simpler archive but we will let you know when these changes are in the works.

Q: Can I still access my profile?

A: At this time, yes. Once the site migrates to a simpler platform we will probably remove this feature.

Q: What will happen to my gift card?

A: Please use any amount left on your gift card during our closing sale. If you still have a remaining balance after the shop closes we will be processing refunds to the original purchaser as quickly as possible.

Q: How can I contact you after Feb. 28th?

A: Please email for any questions. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.


January 26, 2016


DIY Framed Wire Grid Organizer and Mood Board

In an attempt to be a bit more organized in this new year we've been strategizing attractive solutions to our ever growing must-have-that-pretty-thing problem. Meaning we just need all the pretty things, all the time. And, there has to be a way of displaying them that doesn't involve cork board (not that we aren't surrounded by that too)! We had some left over welded fencing sitting around the studio and decided to grab a large frame to polish it up. You can use chicken wire for this tutorial or even copper mesh on a smaller scale frame. We love this idea as a jewelry storage solution or even hanging it in the kitchen for your large spoons and small kitchen wares. 




To Make:

Lay out the fencing on the back of the frame. Line up one corner so that you only have to cut 2 sides of fencing. You will get a good hand work out from this tutorial and quality wire cutters are worth it here. 

Cut the wire along the inside edge of the frame with your clippers. Our measurements for the materials above fit exactly within the frame. But if you end up using a different size frame or wire simply cut a little extra wire and have it sit on the wide part of the frame (you can staple it to the frame here too). Cut off all the wires on the width of the frame.

Then cut all the wires down the length of the frame. 

You will be left with a piece that fits inside the top edge of the frame. You can wiggle and push the wires into place. 

Grab your staple gun and angle it to catch both sides of the frame with the wire in the middle. Hit ever other square all the way around the frame. Turn it over and start adding pretty things with clothes pins. 

You can hang this to the wall with nails or stand it up on your desk.


January 21, 2016


Valentine's Day Printable Gift Wrap

Valentine's day is fast approaching! If you are like us you will probably hand-make some gifts and buy some gifts. But, I always have the hardest time finding appropriate gift wrap for all the people that I am gifting to. You need a certain one for your sweetheart, something else for your co-workers, and another pattern and feeling for your bestie. So, we thought it would be nice to set you up for gift wrap success this Valentine's day and take the guess work out. 

...For this reason and so many others (because you really shouldn't need an excuse to wrap a gift in allover red and pink, amiright!) we created FOUR wrapping paper designs as free printables! They look lovely all wrapped together as a suite or split up the patterns and wrap up the gifts appropriate for each person in your life.

The templates are sized to 11" x 17" so you can wrap larger gifts. Simply print at 100% on any paper. If you need to use 8.5" x 11" paper, simply adjust the paper size in your print settings. 

Download here: 



January 18, 2016


DIY Carved Hidden Book Storage

Over the holiday season we hosted some fun DIY workshops at Strand Bookstore in NYC. We wish we could have travelled to every state for this workshop, but you know, we're a small team! So, after a few requests from you guys (thank you, we love getting emails like this) we thought it would be nice to put this hollowed out book tutorial together for you, so you can make these beauties from home! If you have a lot of books piled up and need a fun use for them follow along and repurpose them into itty bitty storage solutions. You can also make these hollowed books as gifts for the literary lovers in your life, or as a way to beef up a gift card for your bestie.

DIY Carved Hidden Book Storage

Let's get started!


  • - books of all shapes and sizes, hardcover preferred
  • - metal edge ruler
  • - pencil
  • - x-acto knife with at least 1 extra blade per book carved
  • - mod podge or craft glue
  • - paint brush
  • - clear plastic wrap



First Things first, x-acto knives are REALLY SHARP. Please take extra precaution when making this project. Fingers are important and we really want you to keep all of yours!

Step 1. Open your book to the page you would like to start cutting. We think it is nice to leave a couple pages un cut towards the front of the book. Try finding a page with some visual interest and create the cutout around this feature. Take a ruler and measure and mark with a pencil at least 1" from the spine of the book. 

Step 2. Measure out and mark with a pencil the section you would like to cut out.

Step 3. Using your ruler, lay it down along the first line you marked. Pressing firmly on the blade cut from the top of the line to the bottom of the line, right along the ruler. Continue cutting this way for all 4 lines, creating the cut out square.

Step 4. You should be cutting about 7 pages at a time but some books have thicker paper than others, this is just a good reference for your pressure when cutting. Take out the inside cut pages and set them aside.

Step 5. Continue cutting more pages, using the last cut page as a template for the new ones. Make sure as you go further and further inside the book that you keep the pages flat and the spine perpendicular to your tabletop. If the edges start sloping your cuts will end up coming out angled in the end. You can use clamps to help you with this but we found that just being mindful of the pages was easier than clamping.

Step 6. Cut until you reach a page you would like to stop on. It's nice to leave a page at the bottom with words so that when you open the book you know exactly what it is. If you have a specific one in mind we suggest using a scrap piece of cardboard to protect it as you cut. Or you can showcase a photo or decorative paper here. Just glue it down after you've cut to your desired depth. If your edges are rough you can use the knife to carefully scrape away excess paper and sand it down a bit.

Step 7. Cover the entire outside edge of the pages with a coat of craft glue, going around the 3 sides.

Step 8. To prevent the top cover from glueing to the wet pages while drying, use a piece of plastic wrap in between. 

Step 9. Close the book and stack it underneath some heavy books to weigh it down and allow the glue to compress the pages. When the first coat of glue is dry (about an hour), apply one more coat of glue and repeat the drying process. Allow this to dry for at least 6 hours before using. You can take your piece a step further with additional details like painting the outside edge gold for a vintage effect, or adding gold leaf to the spine.

Store sewing notions and pretty things in the hidden compartment...


Or jewelry...


Or that tiny keepsakes that you just can't part with...


Cash, jewelry, love notes - what will you hide in your hand-carved, repurposed book?


January 15, 2016


DIY Jewelry with the Rendezvous Materials Collection

With our new materials collections we're leaving the designing up to you! The Rendezvous materials collection is a pretty mix of materials large and small. There are tonal peaches, rustic browns and pops of amethyst for the romantic at heart. It's got sparkle, shine, brass accents, natural leather, pretty gemstones and more! To get you started thinking about the possibilities in this box we created some low-key, everyday jewelry that will put you well on your way to DIY success. Make sure to show us what you create this month by using #forthemakers and #makertakes. 

The painted charm bracelet

Gather: To create this romantic bracelet grab the brass charms, brass cable chain and vintage clasp provided in the collection. All you will need in addition are a nail polish color of your choice (we used Essie in serial shopper), a couple jump rings and some jewelry tools.

Make: 1- Lay out all the charms on a piece of scrap paper, make sure all the charms are facing with the textured side up. Paint all the round tops with a coat of nail polish and let dry for a couple hours. 2- Wrap the chain around your wrist to determine how long you need the chain to be and snip at the desired length (make sure to add in the length of the clasp). Connect the clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. On the opposite side of chain add a couple jump rings for the clasp to hook onto for fastening it to your wrist. 3- Once the charms are dry add them to the chain links using one jump ring for each charm. 


Simple Agate Layering Necklace

Gather: Brass cable chain, vintage clasp, and oval agate beads from the Rendezvous collection. In addition you will need a set of jewelry tools, headpins, and jump rings.

Make: 1- Using a headpin create a loop at one end with your round nose pliers. Thread on one of the agate beads and create a loop on the other side. Repeat for all three stones. 2- Cut brass chain using your clippers into the following lengths: 6.5", 3", 6", 10". Starting with the 10" piece, attach a clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. On the other end of the chain attach one side of the oval bead with a jump ring. On the other side of the first oval bead attach the 6" piece of chain, then another oval bead, the 3" piece of chain, another oval bead, the 6.5" piece of chain, and finally add a couple jump rings at the end for the clasp to hook onto.


Natural Leather Wrapped Bangle

Gather: Brass bangle and natural leather cord from the collection. In addition you will need a pair of scissors and e6000 glue.

Make: 1- Hold one end of the cord to the inside of the bangle, loop the rest of the cord around the end to hold it in place. Continue wrapping the cord around the bangle until you like the width. We wrapped it 23 times around. 2- On the last wrap tuck the end into the previous wrap and pull tight. 3- Add a dab of glue to the ends of the leather  and edges of the cord on the inside. Let dry for at least 8 hours. Snip off any excess cord, close to the bangle.


Wire Wrapped Amethyst Necklace

Gather: Natural Amethyst* from the collection. You'll also need some thin gauge wire, 28" of cable chain, 3 jump rings and a lobster clasp. Plus a set of jewelry tools.

Make: 1- Start by wrapping your amethyst a couple times around with wire. Make sure to wrap towards the top so the amethyst hangs right side up when worn. Bring both ends of wire to the back of the amethyst and create a loop of wire with your round nose pliers. Secure the loop by wrapping the wire around the bottom of the loop a couple times and then snip off the excess wire with clippers. 2- Thread one end of the chain through the loop and bring the pendant to the center of the wire. 3- Attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. Attach another jump ring to the other end of the chain that will act as the catch for the lobster clasp.

*note: all amethysts in this collection will look different as they are naturally forming crystals. 


Have fun with these materials and don't forget to share what you are making to inspire others! #forthemakers #makertakes 

Happy making!


Rendezvous Materials Collection
Materials Collection
Jewelry Tools Starter Kit
Jewelry Tools
Starter Kit
Jewelry Findings Starter Kit
Jewelry Findings
Starter Kit

January 14, 2016


Trend Report: Patchwork

Historically labeled a “crafty project”, patchwork is making a mighty sweet comeback this spring 2016. Design houses and designers like Valentino, Chanel, DVF and Céline are reinventing the trend all over the runway. Below we rounded up the many different ways it can be done. With this fresh inspiration we are thinking of ways to incorporate the recycled trend into our own living spaces and wardrobes on a smaller budget. Perhaps paper patchwork collage art, or a small section of patches along the pocket placement of a vintage jacket? Or, how about adding a little pop with many different colored stamps layered on a winter scarf... the possibilities seem to go on and on!


Lisa Congdon Collage

1. Sami Woman Collage by Lisa Congdon

Lisa Congdon Collage

Kvinne Collage by Lisa Congdon

Kilim Patchwork Rug

2. Cemre Kilim Patchwork Rug by Sukhi



3. Chanel Resort 2016 via Vogue

Acne Studio

4. Acne Studios' Silk Patchwork Top via WWD

Patchwork Armchair

5. Thai Hmong Patchwork Armchair by Name Design Studio


6. Valentino Spring 2016 RTW via Vogue

Patchwork Earrings

7. Patchwork Earrings by Céline

Assembly New York

8. Assembly New York Spring 2016 RTW via Vogue

Outlaw Moscow

9. Outlaw Moscow via Harpers Bazaar



10. Coach Spring 2016 RTW

Steven Alan

11. Patchwork Silk Scarf Steven Alan

Diane von Furstenberg

12. Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2016 RTW via Vogue

Patchwork Silk Dress

13. Patchworked Silk Dress from Anthropologie

Colorado Quilt

14. Colorado Quilt by Folk Fibers

Malay Pillow

15. Malay Pillow from Anthropologie

top image Valentino Spring 2016 RTW via Vogue


January 12, 2016


Learn Jewelry Making Basics

We make jewelry over here all the time! If you are new to jewelry making, sometimes starting can feel intimidating. But, it really doesn't have to be and we're here to help! Below we've laid out a couple techniques that are at the core of almost any jewelry making project. With a little practice you'll be a pro in no time at all! Let's get started!


How to properly open and close a jump ring:

Our all time "must master" is how to properly open and close a jump ring. Jump rings are so very important because they typically act as the glue in your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. If you open a jump ring the right way and close it the right way you should have no problem constructing a piece of jewelry that is built to last and withstand normal wear and tear! Closing the jump ring with the tightest gap possible will help maintain its strength and nothing will slip out. 

Gather: A good pair of chain nose pliers and jump rings.

First things not pull the jump ring open. Meaning do not pull the wires apart in the west and east direction. This does several very bad things; it weakens and distorts the metal, creates an unappealing jump ring shape and makes it nearly impossible to close correctly without leaving a wide gap.

Here's how the pros do it...

Grasp the jump ring on opposite sides of the opening. Using a pair of chain nose pliers grasp one side. Grasp the other side with your fingers (if the jump ring is a thicker gauge or really small, replace your fingers with another set of pliers). 

Use a "twisting" motion only to open the jump ring. You will be twisting your pliers north and your fingers south. Basically, one side should rotate towards you and the other should rotate away from you. You should now have an open jump ring. You can now slide the ring through chain or use it to attach elements together. Once you are ready to close the jump ring repeat the twisting motion but in the reverse as before. If the two sides of wire are not touching you can always lightly twist back and forth until the ends meet. 

Now that you know how to open and close a jump ring the right way you'll be able to fix old and broken jewelry you thought was destined for the trash. 



How create eye pins out of wire:

A wire wrapped loop (or an eye pin) is one of the most secure ways to connect beads and findings. 

Gather: A good pair of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, clippers and half-hard wire, you can also use headpins if you snip off the tiny pad at one end.




How to wire loop beads together:

Gather: Looped wire (or pre-made eye pins), beads, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and clippers.

Push the eye pin through a bead. 

Bend the straight end of the wire at a 90 degree angle to the bead. Try and get the wire to be going in the exact same direction as the loop on the other side (in the end this will help your loops to be facing the same direction)

Using your round nose pliers, measure about ¼” up the plier tip. This is where you will place your pliers at the curve of the headpin. *Pro Tip: You can mark the pliers with a Sharpie if you want consistent loops! Using your fingers, wrap the wire over the plier.

Continue wrapping the headpin under the plier. And pull tightly to create a uniform loop.

To help you can use your chain nose plier if you are working with stiff wire. 

Using clippers, cut the excess wire right where the loop crosses.

If there is a gap, use your chain nose pliers to adjust and close the loop.

Repeat with another bead but keep the loop open slightly and connect it to the previous beads' loop. 

Close the gap with chain nose pliers. 



Create Headpin Wire Loops:

Similar to the example above, except we will use a flat pad headpin and create a loop above the bead. You can use this technique to hang beads and components from things like chain, other beads, and cord.

Gather: Headpins, a bead, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, and clippers.

Push your bead onto the headpin.

Bend the headpin, from the top of the bead, at a 90 degree angle.

Using your round nose pliers, measure about ¼” up the tip of the plier. This is where you will place your pliers at the curve of the headpin. Using your fingers, wrap the headpin over the plier. Continue wrapping the headpin under the plier until you've formed a loop around the plier.

Using the flat side of your clippers, cut the excess wire where the loop crosses.

If there is a gap, use chain nose pliers to adjust and close the loop.



Master these techniques by practicing with a few of our favorite jewelry projects:

Jessa Chain Bracelet

Indah Earrings

Icy Fringe Necklace

Andie Gem Necklace



January 07, 2016


2016 Printable Desk Calendar

When you're still in denial that it's actually a whole new year (like everyone in this office) you might need a reminder close at hand. We created these custom birthstone illustrations to bring a little piece of happy to your desk space. All you need to do is print these out on sturdy paper. You can prop them up on your desk in a card holder, lay them under your keyboard for quick reference, or hang them on the wall with bulldog clips and a piece of twine. 

Grab the free printable: 2016 Desk Calendar


January 05, 2016


Gold Leaf

The image above is basically my team after a gold-leaf tutorial. Except the gold leaf is all over our hands and clothes in ways that don't make it seem this enticing and attractive. But we try, right? Any way you slice it gold leaf just keeps on keeping on, and who doesn't love a shiny-luxe surface? So, we scoured the internet for some new twists on this everlasting trend. Check out our latest gold leaf tutorial HERE and get busy crafting your own shiny projects from the inspiration below.


DIY Gold Gilded Gift Box

1. DIY Gold Gilded Gift Boxes by You Are My Fave

DIY Gold Leaf Clay Ring Bowl

2. DIY Gold Leaf Clay Ring Bowl by Hello Glow

DIY Copper + Gold Leaf Branches

3. DIY Copper + Gold Leaf Branches by The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Leaf Nail Art

4. DIY Gold Leaf Nail Art via Popsugar

Glimmer-Dipped Journal

5. Glimmer-Dipped Journal from Anthropologie

Gold Leaf Yarn Infiniti Scarf

6. DIY Chunky Crochet Infiniti Scarf with Lion Brand Gold Leaf Yarn via Delia Creates

Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots

7. Gilded Terracotta Pots via Design Sponge

Gilded Leaves

8. Gilded Leaves by Ling Meng via IIIInspired

DIY Gold Leaf & Pink Plaster Coasters

9. DIY Gold Leaf & Pink Plaster Coasters

Watercolor Graffiti Chocolate Cake

10. Watercolor Graffiti Chocolate Cake by Sprinkle Bakes

Gold Leaf Fabric Napkins

11. Gold Leaf Fabric Napkins via Craft Thyme

Gold Leaf Wall Weaving

12. Gold Leaf Wall Weavings by All Roads

Gold Leaf Hair Embellishment

13. Gold Leaf Hair Embellishment Marni via Pinterest

DIY Gold Leaf Art

14. DIY Gold Leaf Art by Live Love DIY

top image via pinterest



January 05, 2016


DIY Round Gold Leaf Mirrors

New year, new decor? At least we hope so! Take on some light challenges at the start of this new year and get your creative juices flowing. We're starting out by updating our space with these super simple and completely lovely gold leaf mirrors. It's easier and faster than it looks. Grab the supplies below and get started!


  • - round mirrors in different sizes (we used these)
  • - low tac tape
  • - glue (you can use metal leaf adhesive, spray on adhesive, or regular old craft glue with a little patience)
  • - wide paint brush or foam brush
  • - imitation gold leaf sheets


To Make:

Start by tearing off a piece of tape long enough to go across the width of the mirror. Decide how large of a gold leaf section you would like and place the tape down to mark off that section. Press down along the edge of the tape with your nail to ensure a crisp line of gold leaf.


We are going to demonstrate working with craft glue but you can easily use spray adhesive or metal leaf adhesive for this project. Spray adhesive will give you a rougher texture than the other two. 

Take your brush and apply on a very light layer of craft glue. Make sure to cover the whole surface evenly. Wait about a minute or two until the glue becomes tacky. You can test this by putting your finger along the edge, it it slightly sticks to the glue you are ready to add the gold leaf!


Press the gold leaf over the glue surface. Make sure the gold leaf side is down and the paper side is up. Press very gently over the whole surface. If you pull the sheet you run the risk of getting a "cracked" appearance. Let the foil sit for another 5 minutes just to make sure the glue is dry.


Start to pull back the paper gently. Gold leaf will probably be everywhere :) Make sure the glue is completely dry and go over the edges lightly with your finger or another paint brush to brush off the excess gold leaf. Pull the tape off gently.

Hang these mirrors on the wall with command strips which are very apartment and renter friendly!



You can also get a little more adventurous in the gold leaf design by mapping out angles with the tape or try stripes of gold foil for a fun update.


December 30, 2015


Best DIY Projects of 2015

It's been an incredible year for the DIY industry and one of our most creative yet! With over 150+ DIY projects tackled on alone we made 2015 bigger and better than ever. Thank you for making with us this year. We hope you created new things that you love, picked up some new skills, and learned that you can make anything when you put your heart into it!

Here's to a whole new set of projects to master in the coming year. We are wishing you a happy New Year and hoping that we get to do it all over in 2016!

Below you'll find a sampling of some of the most loved projects from 2015. 

Beauty Projects: Kora Kona Blush, English Rose Body Scrub, Luxe Rose Scrub with Marble & Milkweed, Green Tea Face Mist.

Accessory Projects: Go-Go Key Pouch, Outerlands Tote Bag, Nui Pocket Mirror, Bejeweled Headband.

Home Projects: Pretty In Pink Shadow Boxes, Roberta Catch-All, Abstract Painterly Tray, Hans Candlesticks.

Home Projects: Devi Woven Wall Hanging, Hanging Rope Plant Shelf, Gold Leaf and Pink Plaster Coasters, Stitched Cactus Art.

Jewelry Projects: Kasper Beaded Necklace, Logan Bracelet, Indah Earrings, Jensen Necklace.

Paper Projects: Tissue Paper Peaches, Fringed Letter Banner, Watercolor Cards, Watercolor Party Hats with PomPoms.

Holiday and Celebration Projects: Mini Pop Pinata, Gold and Neon Pumpkins, Book Sculptures, Rhinestone Embellished Gift Wrap.

...and last but not least, who could forget the very adventurous project of natural dyeing?! This one might top the list of our favorites so far in the history of For the Makers (but you know that changes monthly...if not daily:))!



December 23, 2015


Playlist: Holiday

It's time to crank up the music and get in the holiday spirit! We put together a playlist of some of our all time favorite holiday tunes. So sit back, press play, and pretend we're having a sing-a-long together!


  • 1. Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You
  • 2. Daryl Hall & John Oates Jingle Bell Rock
  • 3. Sheryl Crow Blue Christmas
  • 4. Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies Santa Baby
  • 5. Wham! Last Christmas
  • 6. Celine Dion Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  • 7. Destiny's Child' 8 Days Of Christmas
  • 8. Whitney Houston Deck the Halls/Silent Night
  • 9. The Jackson 5 Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
  • 10. Run-D.M.C. Christmas In Hollis
  • 11. Mariah Carey Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  • 12. Carly Rae Jepsen Last Christmas
  • 13. Ella Fitzgerald Sleigh Ride
  • 14. She & Him Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • 15. The Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas
  • 16. The Pretenders 2000 Miles
  • 17. Pentatonix White Winter Hymnal
  • 18. Leona Lewis White Christmas
  • 19. José Feliciano Feliz Navidad
  • 20. Merry Christmas Baby Bruce Springsteen


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