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Hot Shot Calling Cards

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Stand out with the Hot Shot Calling Cards. Cerulean dye and premium card stock make for an eye catching introduction. Perfect for networking or flirting the ol’ fashioned way.


  • glass bowl
  • water
  • toothpick (optional)
  • paper towel or scrap paper


  • calling cards
  • marine blue food dye


15 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials. This project could get messy so protect your tabletop with scrap paper or newspaper.

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First you need to open the dye. Place it on the counter and hold the bottom with one hand while using the other hand to lift up the top gently. If you aren't careful this could go EVERYWHERE...and trust us you don't want that to happen (speaking from experience here with a whole team of blue hands). You can simply dip these cards into the dye (shown below) or use a saturated drop for some texture. If you'd like to make splatters, complete this step first before adding all of the dye to water. Take a toothpick or small spoon and tap a little dye over the cards.

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Now add the dye to an empty bowl. The bowl should be wide enough to fit the cards at horizontal orientation. The bowl should also have tall sides. If the bowl is too big you will run the risk of diluting the dye and the color will be lighter. Pour in the water until you like the color and the water depth is at least 1-1/2".

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Dip the cards in, one at a time. Try straight or at an angle.

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Dip it in and then pull it out fairly fast. The dye works fast so there is no reason to let it sit for long.

Courtside-calling-card-tutorial-6b Pin-it%402x

Once you've dipped each card set it on a piece of paper or paper towel to dry. It will take up to 4 hours for the cards to fully dry.

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If the completely dried cards are wavy, place them in a heavy book for several hours to flatten out.


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over 3 years ago

I saw an instagram pic where they did a marble type thing with shaving cream. Do you know how to do that?



over 3 years ago

Hi @stefaniedorn - there is a link towards the top of this tutorial, on the right hand side, that will take you to the blog post about alternative designs for the cards!



over 3 years ago

I loved these cards! I am thinking of doing something similar for my escort cards for my upcoming wedding. What kind of paper are these cards?



over 3 years ago

Another awesome project! I made a bunch of these!



over 3 years ago

I am thinking I can use these for place cards for Thanksgiving. Maybe some calligraphy for names?