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Match Point Cuff

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Work it out with the Match Point Cuff. Studs, chain and baby blue thread bulk up this simple silver cuff in an all-star way.


  • scissors
  • chain nose pliers
  • metal clippers


  • steel cuff base
  • cable chain
  • jump rings
  • spring ring clasp
  • sky blue thread bobbin
  • sew on studs


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Put on the cuff and and bend it to fit your wrist. You can gently pull or push it into shape. Make sure you leave enough room at the opening to slide your wrist out.

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The cuff comes with a protective plastic cover. Remove it before continuing.

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Reserve a 6" tail on the thread to be used later for a knot. Starting 1-1/2" from the edge, begin wrapping the cuff with the unreserved thread. In order to get the thread to stay put while wrapping, hold it in place under the cuff and wrap the thread around the cuff twice to secure. Continuing wrapping the thread down the cuff.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-7 Pin-it%402x

Wrap the cuff until you reach the same spot on the other side.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-8 Pin-it%402x

You'll need more thread to add the studs on. Pull a little over a yard of thread from the spool and snip.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-9 Pin-it%402x

Thread on the first stud by going through one hole.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-10a Pin-it%402x

Wrap all the studs onto the cuff this way. Adjust the spacing if needed to make them all evenly spaced before moving on to the next step.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-12 Pin-it%402x

Wrap all the studs onto the cuff this way. Adjust the spacing if needed to make them all evenly spaced before we move onto the next step.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-14a Pin-it%402x

Now that you are back at the start tie a knot with the wrapping thread and the tail left there in the beginning. Tie a tight triple knot to the inside of the cuff. Trim off the ends. You can add a touch of super glue or e6000 to the knot for added security.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-15 Pin-it%402x

Open three jump rings. Open them one at a time by using your chain nose pliers to twist them open, Push one side north and pull the other side south. Never open a jump ring by pulling east to west. This will make it very hard to get them back into shape and close them completely.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-15a Pin-it%402x

Cut a 3" piece of chain using your metal clippers. You can make this longer or shorter depending on your preference.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-20 Pin-it%402x

Put an open jump ring through one hole in the cuff and add the last link of the chain onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-18a Pin-it%402x

Grab the spring ring clasp and open the small loop gently with your chain nose pliers. In a similar way that you opened the jump rings, twist it open. Thread the loop through the opposite end of the chain and close the loop.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-23 Pin-it%402x

Attach another jump ring to the other open hole on the cuff. You can attach one or two linked jump rings here. These jump rings will act as the catch for your clasp.

Courtside-bracelet-tutorial-25 Pin-it%402x

Nicely done! You just upped your jewelry making game.


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over 3 years ago

Love it! Can't wait to get this collection!



over 3 years ago

Absolutely in love with this. I can't wait for it to be added to the shop so i can make more. And may I suggest that when it is added we have mint green and lilac color options?! Because that would be amazing.



over 3 years ago

Hi @darknoonthirty we just added this bracelet to the shop! If you have thread in a color you love you can change it out for the blue and customize this style to your liking. Maybe even try color blocking multiple colors. The thread we used is for industrial sewing, so a bit thicker than your normal sewing machine thread....but any type will work.



over 3 years ago

Enjoyed this one - wrapping the thread is very cathartic :) My studs feel a bit loose so if I did this again, I'd probably just glue them on instead of threading them on.