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After Party Tattoo

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Adorn your skin in our radiant silver leaf temporary tattoos. Curate your own style to be the life of the party and shine on through the night!


  • scissors
  • eyeshadow brush
  • low-tac tape (washi, masking, painters)


  • genuine silver leaf
  • spirit gum adhesive (amber liquid)
  • spirit gum remover (clear liquid)


10 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. Remove the silver leaf gently from the envelope. This project uses spirit gum adhesive, mostly used in costuming to affix mustaches and prosthetics for performances. It is not edible...so don't eat it! Also, please don't put it on babies (duh). And if you are sensitive to adhesives in general don't use it or test a small amount on your skin first. Ok, now that that's taken care of, let's get started.

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You can make many different shapes and create a tattoo wherever you'd like. This tutorial will cover making a ring and a bracelet. Take a piece of tape long enough to go around your finger. If you don't have skinny tape (which is easier to use for this tutorial) cut some thicker tape in half lengthwise.

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Find the spot you want to create a ring on. We're making a thin midi ring. Put a piece of tape above the area and one piece below the area, creating a fine line in between for the adhesive to go.

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Wrap your tape around cleanly if you want the ring to continue all the way around your finger.

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Be gentle with the silver leaf and cut a strip a little over the width of the area you want to cover. Set aside.

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Open the vial of spirit gum (the amber colored liquid) carefully. Use the applicator tip to put some in your taped off area. Just enough to cover the area, don't load it up with a lot because that will work against you.

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Using the foam end of the eye shadow brush tap up and down on the adhesive until it starts to become tacky. You will notice the liquid start to pick up a bit and that's the perfect consistency. Do this all the way around. Make sure not to go past the tape border or you'll have silver leaf where you don't want it.

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Wrap the strip of silver leaf face down on your finger and press firmly around.

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Lift up the paper and the silver leaf should be stuck to your finger. Wipe gently back and forth to remove any excess leaf. If you ended up with any spots missing silver you can cut another small piece from the sheet and add more as needed.

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Peel the tape off gently.

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Ta-da! But really, why stop here? Let's do more!

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Create a triangle cuff by lining out the shape with your tape. You can go all the way around your wrist or stop after you've turned the curve. Follow the rest of the steps just as we did above.

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The tattoos will last about 8 hours untouched. They will wash off with a good soap and water scrub so if you want them to stay on longer put it somewhere other than your hand. We also included a spirit gum remover (the clear liquid) which helps with any touch-ups and tattoo removal.


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over 4 years ago

I'm a little old for tattoos, but I'd love to hear other ideas for what to apply silver leaf to, and how to do it. I know Martha Stewart is a big fan of silver and gold leaf, but I can't remember what she uses it on. Thanks; I enjoy your products.



over 4 years ago

Hi @beekeepermps - we don't think anyone is ever too old for a silver tattoo! But, don't worry we are going to be posting up lots of alternative ideas on how to use the silver leaf and other materials from this collection. Keep an eye on 'the Source' this month.



over 4 years ago

I think this is my favorite project ever!



over 4 years ago

Just to follow up, I ended up using the silver leaf to create monogrammed note cards. Used stencils to trace the letters, and then filled the letters in with glue and topped with the silver leaf.



over 4 years ago

Hi, I now have time off and have been working on the past 4 months of boxes. I have been unable to find the silver leaf envelope to do the tatoos for New Years. I even dumped the box out and nothing.... Can you help me? Happy New Year to you and thanks for all of the inspiration all year. I cannot wait to see what you have for 2015.



over 4 years ago

@drrof - we're putting one in the mail for you!