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Andie Gem Necklace

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This necklace gives the classic briolette gem a contemporary update. Simple, delicate, and the perfect pairing to your favorite spring florals.


  • jewelry clippers
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers


  • silver cable chain
  • silver eyepin
  • pink and purple briolettes


10 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll want a good set of jewelry tools for this project.

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Find the center of your chain and cut it in half with your jewelry clippers.

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Thread the 2 gemstones onto the eyepin. Once they are all the way at the end bend the wire in slightly in a U-shape so the tops of the gemstones touch. Take a pair of chain nose pliers and grab the wire close to the purple gemstone. Bend the wire upwards at a 90 degree angle.

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Place your round nose pliers in the little corner you've just created and continue bending the wire by wrapping it around the tip of the pliers. The loop you create will have the same diameter as the spot on your pliers where you wrap it, try to match the size with the loop already formed.

Soft-focus-andietutorial-9 Pin-it%402x

Clip off the excess wire right where it creates a loop.

Soft-focus-andietutorial-10 Pin-it%402x

Your gemstone pendant should look like this.

Andietutorial-5 Pin-it%402x

With your chain nose pliers pull the loop up slightly and put one end of the cable chain you cut earlier onto the loop.

Soft-focus-andietutorial-13 Pin-it%402x

Close the loop with your pliers. Repeat on the other side to complete your necklace.

Soft-focus-andietutorial-14 Pin-it%402x

Wear this delicate necklace alone or layered with some of your favorites.


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about 5 years ago

Bravo beautiful!!!



about 5 years ago

I struggled with this one so much! I ended up breaking the little stone. :(



about 5 years ago

I can't get my little purple stone through the pin. One of the holes are smaller than the other. Any help would be needed. THKS!



about 5 years ago

I had the same problem with one of the holes being smaller - I twisted the point of a screw gently into the smaller hole to scrape away some of the stone. That made the hole big enough for the pin to go through. Good luck!



almost 5 years ago

Just made this now, and it's adorable! If you find that your headpin won't go through the stone, try turning the stone around and threading it through the opposite direction. When I first tried the smaller stone, it didn't want to go, so I turned it, and got it through with no problem.



almost 5 years ago

Thanks for your advice KIMBERLY and ABS517 totally helped



almost 5 years ago

The necklace part has a flaw....it has a tiny tiny twistie tie holding the chain together about two inches down from the clasp. I guess it's how they splice? I will need replacement.....l



almost 5 years ago

@robbin sorry about that! We'll get a replacement in the mail for you!