Audra Rope Neckalce

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A pretty and unexpected necklace with delicate sparkling crystals, iridescent paillettes and rosy orange cord...basically, the answer to what your outfit is missing.


  • sewing needle and thread
  • scissors
  • chain nose pliers


  • rope
  • end caps
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings
  • rhinestone chain
  • crystal beads
  • paillettes in two colors
  • brass tube
  • glue


1 hour + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Cut a piece of thread about 18" long. Thread the needle (no need to knot the end).

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Determine the center point on the rope by folding it in half. Also determine the center point of the rhinestone chain.

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Line the rope and rhinestone chain up at the center points. We are going to stitch the rhinestone chain to the rope with our needle and thread. Push the needle through the back side of the fabric very close to the twisted part of the rope.

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Pull the thread up leaving at least 5" of thread at the back of the rope. Then go over the middle section of the two center rhinestones and push the needle back down towards the back.

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Tie a knot at the back of the rope with the two ends of thread. Every time we are going to knot the thread to the back of the rope. This is more secure than tying a knot on the thread which could pull out. Snip off the short tail of thread with scissors.

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Now bring the needle back up to the front at the next stone. You want to stitch in between each stone as you go down just as we did the first stone. Come up on top and go down on bottom. Keep the thread taut as you go. We will work our way down one side of the rhinestone chain and then start a new piece of thread for the second side.

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When you reach the end of the first side bring your needle and thread to the back and create a knot with the thread on the back of the rope. Tie several knots to make sure it stays put! Snip off the end.

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Cut another piece of thread and repeat sewing on the other side of the rhinestone chain just as we did the first. Knot your thread to the back when you are done.

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Cut another piece of thread 24" long. Tie a knot to the back of the rope, about 2mm down from the rhinestone chain. Push the needle up to the front and start threading the rectangle beads onto the needle.

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String all the beads onto the thread and drape it it across the rope. Make sure the beads stay centered with the rhinestone chain.

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When you've centered the beads poke your needle back down through the rope at the end of the line of beads. Start stitching them on by using the same technique we used to sew on the rhinestone chain. You will be going up through the rope right in between each bead. Then over the thread that we used to string them all together and back down the rope on the other side of the thread.

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Go in between each bead to make sure that the stones are held on securely. Remember to keep your thread taut at all times. This will prevent them from sagging down when you are done. When you have stitched all the way to the other side bring your needle and thread to the back and tie a knot to the rope. Snip off the excess thread.

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Cut another piece of thread about 24" long and tie a knot to the back of the rope right at the center. Bring your needle up to the front right under the rectangle beads. Put one large paillette on the needle and then one small paillette on top.

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Then stitch the paillettes onto the rope by bringing your needle to the top of the paillettes and back down to the back of the rope.

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Continue adding paillettes along one side of beads. We used just small ones towards the end.

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Mirror the paillette placement on the other side. Tie a knot to the back of the rope and snip off the excess thread.

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Turn the necklace to the back. Now we are going to get the necklace to form and hold a curve with the help of a long tube bead. Center the tube bead on the back and form the rope around it. Mark one end of the tube bead with your finger. This is where you will need to tie on another piece of thread about 18" long.

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Thread your needle and push the needle through the tube bead. Turn the tube bead upside down and wiggle it until the needle and thread come out the other side.

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Bring the tube bead all the way down the thread and press it into the center of the rope again. Push your needle right at the edge of the tube bead and bring the needle and thread to the front of the rope (being mindful of what is stitched on the front already). Then bring the needle to the back again right on top of the tube bead.

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You are going to stitch the tube bead on by going around it several times. Make sure that when you bring the needle to the front you aren't letting the thread show on the front. Keep a good watch on the front and back of the necklace as you stitch this on. The more stitches the better here - to form the rope around the tube bead. When you reach the other side tie a knot to the rope and snip off the excess thread.

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Measure the necklace around your neck. If you need to cut any length off wrap a piece of tape around the spot you need to cut before you cut it off. This will prevent the rope from fraying. If you need to cut more than 1" off make sure to divide the amount evenly between the two sides so you don't end up with a lopsided necklace.

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Open two jump rings with your chain nose pliers. Attach them to the loop on one end cap and add a lobster clasp to the end jump ring.

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Put a dab of glue into the cap and place it on one end of the rope. Squeeze the rope together and spin it into the cap as you go to help distribute the glue.

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Attach a jump ring to the other end cap and glue it to the opposite side of the rope.

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Set this aside to dry for at least 12 hours before wearing. Try not to get this necklace wet as the rope could loose it's shape and possibly discolor overtime.