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Carraway Calendar

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This soft watercolor desk calendar is perfect for circling dates to keep track of all your pressing engagements- tea at the Plaza, date nights in Central Park and roof top parties in the spring. There are as many watercolor options as there are days in the year. You can keep each month the same color palate, paint patterns or florals, add photos or collage elements. Would your sister love you if you painted 12 kittens for her to keep on her desk at work? Probably.


  • watercolor brush
  • paper towel
  • butter knife


  • custom printed 2013 calendar
  • watercolor sticks
  • desk stand
  • water
  • empty glasses
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Gather your materials. You'll need a glass of water, a paper towel and an extra couple of glasses.

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While you can certainly follow the directions on the package of watercolor pastels and just draw directly onto the calendar we love this technique to mix just the right color and apply it as lightly as you'd like. Use a knife to create pastel shavings. Shave directly into a glass.

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You don't need very many shaving to create a vibrant color.

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Add water. Stir until the color is even.

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Create as many colors as you'd like to work with before you begin painting. You can even mix shavings to create custom colors. Place your calendar paper on a paper towel to soak up any extra moisture and runaway paint.

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Get to painting! This is the fun part. Paint the reverse side once they've dried.

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We loved the idea of soft lilac and aquamarine washes of color and just went for it, the less fuss the better.

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Let each page dry. Repeat painting on the backside of each page. Pick a heavy book and press each page to flatten.