Carter Bracelet

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This bracelet is crafted of natural cowhide leather and brass details. The perfect everyday go-to for the men in your life. Bracelet can be made up to a 9.25" interior circumference. Secures with a hook closure.



  • leather
  • brass clasp
  • glue


15 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials. This kit has two types of leather and we are going to show you how to make each one, though they don't differ too much!

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For the straight lace style, measure the leather around your wrist where you like to wear your bracelets. Place your finger right on the spot where the leather crosses over itself plus a couple millimeters. This is where we will make the first cut. If you have the woven style you will do the same here and trim your leather at this point.

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Cut the leather right where we marked it.

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Measure out two more pieces the same length as the first and cut them to make 3 even pieces of leather cord.

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Gather the three pieces together and make sure all the ends are even. Pinch the ends between your fingers and add a small dab of glue.

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Grab one end of the clasp and push the leather cords into the end cap. It works well if you twist the cap over the cords as you go. Make sure each leather cord is inserted into the cap the same distance as the others. Stop once they reach the top of the cap.

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Measure the bracelet once again around your wrist. If the cords have gotten uneven we'll need to trim them up. Don't trim too much or you'll risk making the bracelet too small!

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Trim if needed.

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If you are making the woven version, you will apply glue to the end just as we did with the straight lace and twist the woven cord into the end cap. Stop right when it reaches the top.

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Gather and pinch the other side of the cords, add some glue and twist them into the remaining cap.

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Grab your chain nose pliers and on each end cap pinch the last two decorative rows on the end cap. Pinch it just until you feel some resistance from the leather. Do this on both ends of the bracelet. This will help secure the leather inside.

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Set the bracelet aside to dry for at least 12 hours before wearing. You're all done!