Charlie Collar Necklace

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We've got our sights set on sleek and chic this season. This necklace features sleek brass tubes, faceted crystals, and pyrite beads for a chic statement. Take this necklace from day to night with little effort! This DIY kit makes one necklace.



  • brass tubes in two sizes
  • beading cord
  • faceted crystal beads
  • nude resin beads
  • pyrite cube beads
  • crimp beads
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings


20 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Open one small jump ring using chain nose pliers. Twist the ring north to south to open it, not by pulling east to west. Then add a large jump ring to the open ring and close it back by twisting in the opposite direction.

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Grab the beading wire and place one small crimp bead on one end of the wire, followed by the small jump ring holding the larger jump ring.

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Take the end of the wire and skip over the jump ring but go through the crimp bead to form a loop around the jump ring. Pull the crimp bead up towards the jump ring making the loop smaller. Then using your chain nose pliers, push down on the crimp bead firmly, making it flat.

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Thread one large curved tube onto the beading wire.

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Add a 1 pyrite cube bead, 3 resin beads and 1 faceted crystal bead onto the wire.

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Add on the shorter brass tube bead and then the rest of the beads mirrored to the side we just threaded onto the beading cord. Pull all the beads to the end of the jump ring we attached earlier.

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Close off the other side similar to haw we did it in the beginning. First thread on a crimp bead (make sure it doesn't fall down through the tube). Then add on a small jump ring with one small jump rings and a lobster clasp attached to at the end. Form the loop and close the crimp bead close to the tube. You want the tension of the beading cord tight and not loose or you will end up seeing beading cord at the end of your necklace.

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Trim the wire outside of the tube leaving an inch of extra wire. Push the extra wire back into the tube to hide it.

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All done!