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Color Theory Coasters

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All budding artists know that anything can be a canvas—even coasters. These add the perfect amount of personal charm to your home, or act as a thoughtful, intimate gift for the host of a holiday party.


  • paint brush
  • paper towel
  • cup of water
  • plate or wax paper
  • tape (optional)


  • leather coasters
  • acrylic paint set
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Gather your tools and materials. Additionally, you'll want a paper towel to protect from paint spillage, a cup of water to rinse off your paintbrush, low tack tape, and something to use as your palette.

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Set up your paint palette.

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Ready your coasters. Use the tape to help create straight lines. Play around with the angles if you're going for a geometric or color blocking effect. For this tutorial we are going to create a marbled look by mixing two colors.

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Begin painting. Feel free to experiment by mixing paints, creating new colors and trying different painting techniques. Make stripes, a variety of shapes or go for a blended watercolor effect--the design options are endless.

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For the marbled look start with one color at the north end and another at the south end and then begin blending towards the center. We mixed blue and yellow together to create green in the center.

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Peel off the tape once the paint is fully dry, about one hour. If there are any smudges or the lines aren't perfectly straight--no worries--just fix up the edges with a small brush. Place on tables and nightstands to stylishly prevent water rings, or give as a gift to the host of a holiday party.

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Show us how you personalize yours! #forthemakers


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almost 5 years ago

Loving this!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this one. I already have an idea in mind. Bravo FTM!



almost 5 years ago

I did mine very similar with a nice straight edge via tape. They're going to make a great gift.



almost 5 years ago

Love this project! Question though...If I actually want to use these, shouldn't I put some kind of coating on them to make them drip-proof? I know there are brush -on coatings that would help waterproof these (and the zipper pouch).



almost 5 years ago

@katiebead good question! We didn't mind the leather getting a worn in look and therefore didn't apply a sealant. The acrylic paint is also pretty waterproof once dry. If you'd like to add a sealant we recommend Mod Podge or a clear acrylic spray paint.