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Confetti Trail Tea Towel

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Design your own pattern to modernize your kitchen space with this flour sack tea towel. Great for drying dishes or using as dinner napkins.


  • scissors
  • cup of water
  • paper towels or old newspapers
  • plate not used for food


  • natural cotton flour sack towel
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • sticky back foam
  • corks


1 hour
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Gather your tools and materials.

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We'll be using the foam to make shapes for stamps. You can draw on the foam if you need a guide or free-style the cutting. Scroll down to the bottom of this tutorial to see some shape options and pattern ideas.

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The shape you cut out should fit on top of the cork. Trim down if necessary.

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When you have the shape you want, peel off the paper backing from the foam. Stick the foam onto the cork.

Confettitt-5 Pin-it%402x

With the two corks you can make 4 different shape stamps.

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Set up your work space by putting newspapers or paper towels under the flattened tea towel. Open your paint and grab a plate to mix the colors on.

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Use the three colors to make a custom palate. The white doesn't show up on the towel on it's own. Use it to lighten and brighten other colors.

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Once you've mixed the perfect color add a little water to your brush and mix it in with the paint. The right consistency of paint to water is important and will allow the paint to soak through the cotton towel which will help it last through washings. When you add the paint onto the foam it should be slightly translucent and glossy. Coat the entire stamp with paint but try to avoid getting the paint on the cork.

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Place the painted side down on the towel and allow the paint to soak through for a second before lifting it up.

Confettitt-11 Pin-it%402x

Reapply the paint before each stamping.

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When you're done with one stamp and color move on to the next by rinsing your brush first.

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When you are all done stamping allow the paint to dry for about an hour.

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To heat set the paint use a hot iron and turn the towel upside down. Go over the entire towel a few times and allow to cool.

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Wash before using. Best washed with other tea towels or on its own for the first wash.


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almost 5 years ago

I'm super excited about this dish towel! Also, I'm excited to use the foam and corks to make more stamps. I've been collecting wine corks, now I can use them!



almost 5 years ago

I even want to try taping 3 corks together to get a bigger stamp!



almost 5 years ago

@charityborne love the idea of taping the corks together. You'll have to let us know how it turns out!



almost 5 years ago

This looks fun. I have stamped tea towels before but I never thought of the cut foam on another surface method. Genius. @charityborne Try sticking a few foam cut pieces to a larger surface you have hanging around like a small block of wood.



almost 5 years ago

Would this work on a silk scarf?



almost 5 years ago

@choctawcharli you can definitely try it on silk! Just make sure to dilute your paint with water so that it doesn't just form a layer of paint on top of the fabric. You want the paint to soak through the fibers in order for the color to stay and not flake off. Let us know how it turns out!



almost 5 years ago

I'm hooked on this and want to make more as presents! I really like the slightly grainy look to the towels FTM provided. Can you give a recommendation to where I can buy some in bulk? Thank you!!!



almost 5 years ago

This was so fun. I did light aqua raindrops over 3/4 of the towel and a scattered band of darker flowers near the bottom. Looks great!



over 4 years ago

Would y'all be able to send me the link for buying more of just these towels?