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Easy Breeze Applique

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Turn old into new by adding a fun, flirty accent to something that's been hiding in your closet. Choose one of our iron-on designs or create your own patch. Experiment with different patterns, or pair these tiny polka dots with a spring floral print for our favorite look.



  • cotton polka dot fabric
  • iron-on fusible web
  • t-shirt or piece of clothing


30 minutes
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In addition to what's in the kit you'll need an iron, ironing safe surface, a pencil and some scissors. If you'd like to use one of our shapes make sure to print out the template from the link above.

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If you don't have an ironing board you can use a large folded towel as an ironing surface. Place the fusible web smooth side down. You'll want the side with the texture facing up towards you.

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Grab your fabric and line it up with the fusible web, right side up.

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With your iron on the wool setting start going over the layers you just created. Go back and forth making sure to cover all areas and edges for at least 10-15 seconds.

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While your fabric cools cut out the template of your choosing. We're using the circle template.

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Fold your fabric in half, paper side up.

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Line up your template with the dotted line at the fold. Trace the pattern with your pencil.

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Cut the fabric out along the line you just traced.

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With the circle cut out, peel the paper backing away from the fabric.

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Place the fabric, web side down, onto your garment. We chose a slightly off center approach but you can place the applique front and center or anywhere you'd like.

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Once you choose the placement grab your iron, still on the wool setting, and start ironing over the fabric. If you are using a synthetic fabric garment make sure to put a towel on top of this before ironing. Go over it a few times making sure to get the edges really well. Iron for about 10-15 seconds.

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Let the fabric cool. You can wear and wash this garment. Air drying is recommended but not required.

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Try any shape, patch some jeans, or add a heart to your favorite printed top.


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about 5 years ago

Ooh...I was just going through my old FTM boxes yesterday, and I found the cotton canvas Rye Market Tote bag that I never did anything with (I was skittish about dying, given my propensity for making a mess of such things.) Also found some gold studs from the Slate Coffee Sleeve project...I'm dreaming up a Maker Take - appliqued studded tote, anyone?!



about 5 years ago

OMG! Can you say cute!



about 5 years ago

@Kimberly Awesome idea! =)



about 5 years ago

love the idea of the cherries. =)