Elastic Headband Duo

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A mix of pattern and metallic elastic will bring a fun and relaxing look to your updo or ponytail. Grab these on the way to the gym or set them on your nightstand to tame your mane while getting ready for the day. Each DIY kit makes two headbands.


  • scissors


  • printed elastic trim
  • metallic elastic trim


10 minutes
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In addition to the elastics from the kit you will need a pair of scissors.

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Start with the printed elastic. Fold it in half.

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We are going to tie an overhand knot. Create a loop about 1.5" from the end of the elastic.

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Push the ends through the loop and pull tightly. Try to keep the knot about 1.5" from the ends of the elastic. If your head circumference is larger or smaller adjust the knot placement.

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Trim off some excess elastic with scissors.

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You're all done Go sweat it out in style.