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English Rose Face Scrub

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Brighten up your skin or add a scoop to a hot bath to ease tense muscles, either way this salt scrub has it all. Nourishing jojoba oil, exfoliating Dead Sea salt and refreshing rose water come together in a cute jar to make a top shelf worthy beauty scrub.


  • bowl or cup
  • spoon or skewer


  • glass jar with gold tin top
  • dead sea and pink himalayan salt mix
  • rose water (clear top vial)
  • jojoba oil (black top vial)
  • body scrub label
  • extra oil (optional)


15 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. Place the dead sea and pink himalayan salt mix into a small bowl or cup.

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Open the jojoba oil carefully by wiggling the top off.

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Pour it into the salt mixture.

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Open the rose water and pour it into the salt mixture.

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Stir to combine.

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Pour the scrub into the glass jar.

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Screw on the gold lid.

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Peel the label from the paper backing.

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Center the label on the glass jar and push out from the center to prevent any air bubbles.

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The scrub is perfect for smoothing and soothing winter skin.

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If you'd like you can add even more oil to your scrub. Some of our favorite additions include olive oil, coconut oil and argan oil. Keep in mind any addition will alter the scent and texture.


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almost 4 years ago

This was instant gratification, and smells lovely! I did add a little extra Rose Water to mine (I am never without a bottle of NYR Organics Rose Water), just 'cuz that's how I roll. The label makes it look so "finished".



almost 4 years ago

This was fun and simple to complete I love the label, but mine doesn't smell very good. It looks great in the bathroom towel basket.



almost 4 years ago

Added some flaky Maldon sea salt that I had on hand to make it a trio of salts and for some added texture. These would make great gifts for friends around Christmas!



almost 4 years ago

My rose water vial arrived broken. Can I get a new one?



almost 4 years ago

I love the simplicity of this in both completing and the look. Unfortunately, mine smelled sort of funky, but I added some coconut and lemon oil and it smells great now!



almost 4 years ago

@sarahcaddell one is on the way!



almost 4 years ago

@andhernamewas @sarahyok @kimberly we love that you added your own ingredients to this project! It's the perfect base for adding all sorts of things; oil, crushed flower petals, additional scents, etc...



almost 4 years ago

Hey so I read this before the wax one and thought I was supposed to mix all of it together...so now I have beeswax/ salt face scrub. Oops. Sad :(.



almost 4 years ago

Mine did not come with rose water....can you send?



almost 4 years ago

Hi @staceyg we've got one on the way!