Erik Necklace

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This necklace is crafted of stainless steel, silver, redline marble and topaz, and hangs on a sleek snake chain perfect for everyday wear. Add some charms and tokens of your own to mix this style up. 30" chain length, with 1.5" pendant drop. Perfect for the men in your life!



  • 30" silver snake chain
  • redline marble fish bead
  • faceted topaz charm in sterling silver setting
  • stainless steel guitar pick
  • jump rings


15 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Open one of the large ump rings using 2 pairs of chain nose pliers. Grip to the left and right of the seam on the jump ring and twist the jump ring open.

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Thread the jump ring through the top hole on the guitar pick.

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Use the pliers to close the jump ring. There shouldn't be any space at the seam or you'll risk your guitar pick falling off. Try to get it as tight as possible when closing.

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Open another jump ring and thread on the fish charm. Close this jump ring the same as we did above, once the fish is on.

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Lay out the charms in the order you want them on the chain.

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Open the chain. You are going to start loading the charms onto the side of the chain that does not have the lobster clasp. You can slide on the topaz charm with the bail at the top. It might take a little wiggling but it should go right on.

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We added an extra jump that you can use to throw on one of your own small pendants like a small pocket knife or stone. You're all done!