Eva Beaded Bracelet

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A seriously comfortable stretch bracelet that no one would ever guess was stretch! Deco inspired gemstone stone mixes pair with weighty metal beads to form the perfect bracelet. This DIY kit makes one bracelet.


  • scissors


  • mix of rhinestones in settings
  • semi-precious cube beads
  • semi-precious cylinder beads
  • metal rondelle beads
  • elastic cord
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Fold the elastic in half and start adding the gold beads onto the elastic. You will string the beads over both ends of elastic cord.

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Add all the gold beads and pull them down about 2" from the end loop of elastic.

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Next, add one cylinder bead over both ends of elastic.

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Grab one navette shaped rhinestone and thread one end of elastic through each hole.

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Grab two square cylinder beads and thread one on each end of elastic. Then add the large square rhinestone, make sure it is faceing the same direction as the navette stone you added earlier. Now mirror the stone arrangement on the other side of the square rhinestone.

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Your bracelet should look like this. Pulling all the stones together in the center of the elastic cord.

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Measure the bracelet around your wrist. If there are any gold beads the go past the blue cylinder slip them off the elastic cord.

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Thread one end of elastic through the loop.

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Holding the ends of elastic firmly, start pushing all the beads gently down towards the end with the loop.

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Tie the two end of elastic together - make sure one is still through the loop! Tie a tight secure knot.

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Trim the excess elastic, leaving a small tail.

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Pull the knot gently into the cylinder to hide it.

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Nicely done!