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We fell in love with this saturated floral print the moment we spotted it. Left over from Milly’s Peggy Guggenheim-inspired runway show we snatched it up and paired it with a contrasting zipper.

It’s the perfect stash-all for summer adventures. In the past week we’ve used it to store lipstick for a pre-wedding touchup, stash treats for jury duty snacks and managed to fit three necklaces, two earrings, a subway card, and enough quarters for an iced coffee in it.


  • scissors
  • iron
  • sewing needle


  • floral cotton- straight from a Milly runway show
  • magenta zipper
  • fusible bonding web
  • cotton twill tape
  • cream thread
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Gather all your materials and turn your iron on medium.

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Measure the fusible bonding web and trim if it’s a bit longer than the width of the floral fabric.

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Once you’ve measured cut the fusible web down the center so that you have two long strips.

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Then cut each strip in half again so that you have four super skinny strips.

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Place the first strip an inch below the edge of the fabric.

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Fold the fabric at the edge and iron in order to hold a stiff fold. Make sure that the iron doesn’t touch the fusible web directly but go over the edge enough that the web will bond the two layers of fabric together.

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Repeat on the opposite side.

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Place the third strip of fusible web on top of the first fold, very close to the edge.

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Lay the zipper face down on top of the fusible web.

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Flip over the fabric and the zipper and iron them in order to fuse the layers. Make sure you leave enough fabric on each side of the zipper, to stitch the seam (thats coming up).

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Repeat with the last strip of fusible web on the opposite end.

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Flip and iron the opposite side of fabric. Making sure the zipper and fabric are fused together.

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So you’ve ironed each side. But you’re going to actually put something in this pouch so stitch along where you just ironed. Thread the needle and double knot the end of your thread.

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Stitch just below the ironed edge.

Fp15s Pin-it%402x

A small running stitch does the trick.

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At the end of the fabric tie a double knot.

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Snip your threads.

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Repeat stitching over the fusible web on the other side of the zipper.

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Turn inside out and zip up the zipper.

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Lay the fabric flat making sure it is exactly n half.

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Starting at the edge of your zipper stitch the sides closed.

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Make sure to secure the edge with a few overhand stitches before you stitch the rest of the side of fabric.

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Again, a small running stitch will make sure your belongings stay secure in the pouch so relax, turn on some tunes and just sew.

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When you reach the end go over the last stitch several times before you double knot your thread.

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Unzip the zipper.

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Fold the cotton twill tape in half and place it between your layers of floral fabric about an inch down from the zipper.

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Fold the fabric back, keeping the twill tape in place with your hand. You may want to add one stitch to hold it in place while you sew.

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Stitch the the last side of your pouch. You may be reaching the end of your playlist here. Crank it up.

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Knot at the end and trim your thread.

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Turn your pouch right side out. Pushing the corners out with your fingers.

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Zip it all up and you are ready for summer adventures.


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over 4 years ago

Ladies - I really enjoyed making this! It was so therapeutic just sitting there sewing and the vibrant print made me so happy. I really appreciate the little things you guys added like the contrasting fuschia pink zipper and the nice quality fabric tab on the side. Such attention to detail! Thanks and can't wait to do more projects!



over 4 years ago

Just did this today...what a great rainy day project!