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Gardenia Bobby Pin

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These delicate gardenia petals were made just for you by M&S Schmalberg, a company that has been making couture flowers since 1919. Whenever we walk in their workshop we feel like kids in a candy store. We want everything. We touch everything. It suddenly feels appropriate to put fabric flowers on everything. We raided the fabric stash at their Garment District studio and found the perfect pairing of chartreuse and yellow silk. When we caught a peek at their process, using old school tools, we understood why all the leading design houses have their flowers made here. Cynthia Rowley, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, Calvin Klein and even the Metropolitan Opera all know to go to Schmalberg and now you do too.


  • scissors
  • sewing needle


  • silk petals- custom made in chartreuse and yellow
  • crystal sew-on stud
  • bobby pin
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Gather your materials. You’ll also need scissors and a needle.

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Thread your needle with the cream thread and double knot it at the end.

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Stack the three petals. We like dark on the bottom and light on the top.

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All three! The flower works best when you stagger the petals a bit so you can see a little of all three petals.

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Once you’ve got your petals stacked start stitching them together. You’ll push the needle up from under the bottom layer, being careful to avoid the X cut into each petal marking the center.

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Stitch the petals in place with a few small stitches to keep them secure.

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Then thread the crystal stud onto your needle and thread. There is a cross on the back of the stud. You'll attach it by making a north/south stitch and an east/west stitch.

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Pull the thread tightly all the way to the back layer after each stitch.

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Repeat with the second stitch.

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Now you’re ready to attach the bobby pin. Flip the flower over and place it over the center.

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Wrap the thread around the bobby pin several times, stitching it to the back of the flower petals as you go.

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Three or four times should do the trick.

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With one last double knot and you’re all set.

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Trim your thread.