Gemma Statement Necklace

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Add a little sparkle to any outfit with this statement necklace featuring of crystal clusters, gemstone beads and silky rope. No one will ever guess you made this necklace yourself... so you should definitely tell them! This DIY kit makes one necklace.



  • twisted black rope
  • serpentine beads
  • neon enamel rhinestones in settings
  • aqua blue rhinestones in settings
  • frosted glass rhinestones in settings
  • amethyst glass beads
  • rondelle rhinestones
  • faceted crystal beads
  • brass connector bars
  • end caps
  • beading cord
  • crimp beads
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings
  • glue


30 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Using your clippers cut the beading cord in half.

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Thread one serpentine bead onto both strands of beading cord. One strand will pass through the bottom holes and one strand through the top holes.

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Bring the serpentine bead to the center of both strands and add 3 amethyst glass beads to both of the bottom sides and 1 amethyst glass bead to both of the top sides, as shown.

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Add a serpentine bead to each side and follow that with 1 amethyst glass bead and a rectangle crystal bead, on the top strand, on both sides. One the bottom strand add 1 amethyst glass bead, 1 rhinestone rondelle and 1 rectangle crystal bead, to both sides of the necklace.

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Now slide on a frosted glass rhinestone, which has two holes in the setting for the 2 strands of beading cord. Repeat on the other side of the necklace.

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On one side of the top strands add a crimp bead and then add on one brass connector bar.

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Loop the beading cord back around and push the end back through the crimp bead, creating a small loop around the connector bar. Once everything is in the right spot, use your chain nose pliers to squish the crimp bead.

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Snip off the extra tail from the beading cord with your clippers. Be careful not to cut the strand holding all the beads!

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Repeat adding a crimp bead and connector bar to the bottom strand just as we did above. Once it's crimped and secured slide all of the beads down to the end of the cord.

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We are going to repeat adding the connector bars on the other side but this time be mindful of keeping your beads at the end of the cord. Pull the beading cord as tightly as possible when making the loops so that everything sits neatly and together once our necklace is finished.

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Your necklace should look like this now.

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Add a dab of glue to the backs of the oval blue rhinestones. Place them glue side down right at the center of each serpentine stone.

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Next, add glue to the backs of the yellow teardrop rhinestones and place one on each side of the blue stone, at a slight angle.

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Set this aside to dry on a flat surface while we move on to the other steps.

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Put a generous dab of glue into one end cap. Twist one end of the rope into the cap. You can leave the tape on for an easier insertion but make sure that the tape is trimmed down enough where it won't show outside of the cap.

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Repeat glueing the other end of the rope into a cap. Set this aside to dry for at least 4 hours before moving to the final next steps!

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Open a jump ring with your chain nose pliers. Use it to attach the two brass connector bars to the loop on one end cap. Close the jump ring.

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Hold the necklace up to your body and determine the length you would like. You are measuring this side to the center of the back of your neck. We like this necklace on the shorter side, which means this piece of rope should measure about 4.5" to 5.5" long. With your finger, mark the spot you will need to cut.

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Tape the spot and then cut it in half with your scissors.

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Repeat on the other side.

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Open a jump ring and connect the lobster clasp to one empty end cap. Close the jump ring. With the last empty end cap connect two or three jump rings together at the end. THese will act as the catch for your lobster clasp once the necklace is completed.

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Add a dab of glue to the end caps and twist them onto the rope.

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Let the necklace dry for at least 12 hours before wearing! You don't want those ropes coming out! You are all done. Yeah!