Geometric Ornaments

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These geometric ornaments will add a modern touch to your traditions. Get more mileage out of these super chic and seasonless objects by displaying them year-round. With detailed instructions and all the materials provided, this can be a simple (not stressful) task to do with friends and family. Complete kit creates 30 ornaments. Find the cutest illustrated tutorial here


  • scissors
  • beading needle


  • thread bobbin
  • glass tube beads


10 minutes per ornament
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First, gather all your tools. The kit comes with metallic thread, bugle beads in silver and turquoise, a thread bobbin and a beading needle. You will also need a pair of scissors.

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Cut about a, 18" piece of thread

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The beading needle is optional. You can use it to assist you with putting the thread through the beads or just push the thread through without the needle. Which ever is easiest for you! Thread through four bugle beads.

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Pull the beads down the thread on one side leaving about 3 inches of thread to one side of the beads. Tie the two sides of thread together in a double knot at the top of the diamond shape.

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With the long tail of your thread add on two bugle beads.

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Wrap the thread around the bottom of the diamond, joining the two beads you just added to your previous diamond shape.

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Add on two more bugle beads to the thread. Tie another double knot to secure the shape at the top.

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You will have 4 sides of double bugle beads and two pieces of thread at the top (one shorter than the other).

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Take the longer thread and run it down through one bugle bead on any side. Pull the thread all the way through. It should be in the center of two beads.

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Add one bead onto the thread.

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Thread the beads similar to the way you did in the first step, but this time around the center of the diamond shape you have already created. Loop the thread around each center point to secure it in place.

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Add the last 3 beads on at a time as you go all the way around the diamond shape. looping the center point as you go.When you get back to the bead you started with run the thread back up through the tube to meet up with the shorter thread at the top.

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Tie another double knot with the two threads. And then tie an overhand knot about 2.5" above the beads. Leave enough room to hang the ornament.

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Cut off the remaining thread. If you would like to add the metallic thread to the top instead of the thread we used to tie the ornament together snip off the loop close to the knot at the top of the ornament. Cut a 5" piece of metallic threat and loop it around the ornament top just where we cut off the white thread. Tie a knot with the two pieces to secure it to the ornament and then tie an overhand knot about 1cm below the thread ends.

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Bright, festive and fun! Your modern take on the traditional holiday ornament is ready to be hung.

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These look beautiful hung in your tree or on a mantle. You could also leave off the thread at the top and place them in a bowl as a table centerpiece.

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about 5 years ago

Very sparkly, small (the beads are 1" long), ornaments! Easy to make, except for being unable to thread the included needle. I ended up using a dental floss threader I had from a beading project, which worked really well! Trying to remember other geometric shapes for variety. Pretty project!