Gilded Agate Ornaments

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Extend the life of your holiday decorations with ornaments you can keep out all year long! Personalize the natural agate slices with phrases, constellations, or tiny sketches. Use them as gift tags or give them away as gifts themselves. These gilded agate ornaments will make a perfect addition to your modern holiday for years to come.


  • scissors


  • natural agate slices
  • gold paint pen
  • metallic thread
  • constellation template


30 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials. In addition to the Gilded Agate Ornament kit you'll need a pair of scissors.

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You can follow along with the constellation template to create simple constellations or create your own sketches and phrases with the gold paint pen. To make uniform dots with the pen, flood the tip with ink and tap lightly on one side of the tip. You can practice a few on paper before you start. Pro TIp: Nail polish remover will take the gold paint off the agates if you make a mistake or want to re-do one.

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Create lines between the stars by removing most of the ink from the pen tip. Draw a line between them using the thin end of the pen tip. Set aside to dry.

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Cut a piece of thread to make the agate hanger.

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Fold the thread in half and push through the hole.

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Pull the thread ends through the loop of thread in the hole. This will create a loop that holds the thread onto the agate.

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Tie a knot at the top if you are going to attach wire hooks or leave them open to tie around thicker surfaces. Optional: paint gold around the outside edge for an even more gilded ornament!