Glitter Gift Boxes

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The best way to give a gift is in a glitter gift box. It's basically a gift all it's own. Make these boxes to perfectly wrap gift cards, money, or beautiful jewelry.


  • scissors


  • silver glitter
  • kraft paper boxes
  • foam brush
  • twine
  • blue gift tags
  • gem tac glue


30 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Use the top of the larger box that the kit came in and pour in the glitter.

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Cut the tip off the glue.

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Take one box top and put about a quarter size of glue in the center.

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Using the foam brush spread the glue evenly over the top surface. Work fairly quickly as the glue dries fast.

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Push the glued surface into the glitter a couple times to attach glitter all over the top.

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Continue adding glue to each side at a time just as we did on the top. When you've glittered all the top sides set the box aside to dry for an hour before moving on.

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Use the twine and gift tags in the kit to personalize the boxes.

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Happy gifting!