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Go-Go Key Pouch

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Stash change, thumb drives or emergency confetti (what...doesn't everyone carry that) in the Go-Go Key Pouch. With soft gold leather and shiny brass hardware, your keychain just got a major upgrade.



  • square of gold plated leather
  • gold-tone collar stud
  • gold plated flat wire key ring
  • large brass jump ring


20 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. If you don't have a rotary punch or mini-hole punch you can use sharp scissors. We'll give directions on using both below. Make sure to print out the pouch template listed above in the tools section.

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Cut out the template along the outer black line.

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Place the template on the backside of the leather (gold side should be facing the table) and begin to trace around it with your pencil. It's easier to line one straight edge of the template up to one edge of the leather...less cutting in the end!

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-4 Pin-it%402x

Cut it out with sharp scissors along the traced line.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-5 Pin-it%402x

Punch or cut the holes out of the template. There are 4 holes total. Place the template back on the cut out piece of leather, the same direction as before, and mark in pencil where the holes will go.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-6 Pin-it%402x

If you have a rotary punch you'll have the option to make the holes different sizes. We have them pretty close the the ideal size on the template but if they end up being a little smaller or larger it's ok! Punch out the holes. If you do not have a hole punch you can use sharp scissors by folding the leather over at the point of the hole and snipping a small line. Or you can try the technique we used in step 5-6 on our Daisy Card Case tutorial, found HERE!.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-7 Pin-it%402x

Once all the holes are punched, open the large brass jump ring using a pair of pliers. Pull the jump ring north/south, not east/west when opening and closing. Place it in the smallest hole at the center of one side.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-8 Pin-it%402x

Put the key ring on the open jump ring and close it tightly shut using the pliers.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-9 Pin-it%402x

Take the screw back and push it through the bottom left hole.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-11 Pin-it%402x

Turn the leather into the center and push the right bottom hole onto the screw. Screw the top of the collar stud on tightly.

For-the-makers-tas-change-pouch-12 Pin-it%402x

Push the top hole over the stud and you're all done! If the hole is too small either punch it a little larger or use scissors to put a very small slit at the bottom of the hole to allow for a little extra stretch.


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about 4 years ago

This is so adorable! Planning to make this tonight.



about 4 years ago

And...done! This is the cutest thing ever. Would love to see this hit the shop in some alternate colors (like, maybe that hot pink that La Pouchette comes in?!! Or a silver version?!)



about 4 years ago

Happy to hear you enjoyed this project @kimberly !!! Keep an eye on the shop, more colors are coming your way soon;)



about 4 years ago