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The components- pearls, spikes, sparkles -are super classic, but unexpected in this cluster earring. We love all the embellished details and intricate jewelry we're seeing for fall and these posts take the whole embellished thing seriously without feeling prim.


  • paper (we used a small square of wax paper)
  • E6000 glue


  • pearl cabochons
  • silver spike studs
  • black diamond marquise stones
  • post earring pads with butterfly backs
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Gather your materials. The only extra thing you'll need to track down is a piece of paper. Waxed paper works like a charm but plain white paper will work in a pinch.

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Lay out your pearls, crystals, and spikes on the paper. Any configuration is ok as long as there isn't too much space in the center as the post will show through. We made sure that ours were the mirror image of each other. This way, they'll frame your face in a really lovely way.

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Add a spot of glue to the paper slightly smaller than the diameter of the cluster you just designed.

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Arrange each component as you designed them on top of the glue. Press down firmly so each of the components are level and touching the glue. Repeat this with the second earring, remembering to create a mirror image of the first earring.

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The glue should become tacky in about an hour, but this depends on the weather where you are, so check it as you go. Once the glue is tacky, peel the components off the paper carefully, keeping them glued together.

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Add more glue to the back of the cluster and place the post in the center. Try to center the post so it's touching the backs of all three components evenly.

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Repeat with the second earring and let dry overnight. Wear with big hair or an intricate braided updo.


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over 4 years ago

Love this! Can't wait to make it!



over 4 years ago

Having trouble peeling off the group of components. No matter how tacky the glue is they won't stay together.



over 4 years ago

This is the first pair of earrings I've made with For The Makers materials where I am not allergic to the posts! Hooray! Love them!



over 4 years ago

I just left the wax paper on and cut them out of the sheet, it worked like a charm and they won't fall apart:)



over 4 years ago

MaryZ - thanks for the tip. I'm one of the ones who couldn't get them off the waxed paper intact.



over 4 years ago

These were so fun to make. Mine too were slightly tacky after a 2 hour dry time so for extra measure I put a dab of super glue on the back of my gem clusters before securing the posts. Fab!



over 4 years ago

Finished this from my first collection. It was easy and fun. Can't wait for the post to dry on overnight so I can try them on!



over 4 years ago

Wish I could make them dry faster! So pretty!



over 4 years ago

Just made these - so pretty! Can't wait for the glue to dry completely so I can wear them.



over 4 years ago

I like how you can make them your own by how you arrange everything! Love them!!