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Maybe it’s the sudden rush of fresh Spring air, but we’re feeling nostalgic for the way it used to be. Take a break from your digital frenzy and create beautiful pastel stationary perfect for a cheery note or letter to an old friend.


  • no.6 round paint brush
  • glass cups
  • paper towels


  • two-ply cotton flat notecards
  • white envelopes
  • kool-aid in three colors
  • highlighter (optional)


30 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. We pre-mixed our kool-aid dye. Mix up some pretty pastel dye colors to use in this project with this simple GUIDE.

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Put the envelopes aside and we'll come back to those. Grab one flat notecard. The key to success for this project is to make sure you have watery colors but not too much water on your notecards. So don't drown your notecards just lightly brush them with the dye mix. We're going to do a color gradient that blends two colors at the middle. Before you start scroll down to the final step to see other watercoloring ideas!

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Start heavier on the color at the top of the card and gradually bring it down with the brush until you reach the center. Sweep on another light coat right at the top edge to make the color stronger. Turn your card around and add a second color the exact same way. Blending the two colors together in the center.

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Repeat with different color combinations on the remaining flat notecards. You don't have to go all the way to the edges as we like the look of messy watercolor and pools of color in a few spots on the cards. Set the cards aside on paper towels to dry. They will puff up a bit while drying but should become more flat once totally dry. You can also press them in a heavy book once dry.

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For an optional personal touch we added a line of bright color to the edge of our envelopes. Using a highlighter draw a straight line across the outside flap. Mix it up with yellow, orange or even a gold paint marker!

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Another watercolor option. Paint only the top edge and splatter on a few drops for bright organic color!

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Drop your loved ones a handmade note this Spring!


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over 4 years ago




about 4 years ago

I had lemonade Kool-aid in mine and it ended up bring seicky on the cards (no, I didn't add sugar) so I had to toss them out. So if you get that flavor, test it out before you use it.



about 4 years ago

I wasn't psyched by this project at first. However, I wanted to send a few thank you notes to people for the lovely Admin Day flowers that I received and thought this would be a quick, easy way to do that. I had so much fun painting these cards. I did a couple with the style show above and added rhinestone flower stickers for a touch of glam. The ones I liked the best were waves painted in shades of blue like the ocean. I glued on scrapbooking microbeads in clear and dark gold at the bottom to look like a shoreline with bubbly waves hitting it. Then I glued a few tiny seashells on it. I love how they looked. Unfortunately my photos didn't turn out well...guess it means I'll have to make more! Yay!



about 4 years ago

Just like KaseyT, I originally was not wild about this project, but did it anyway. It really turned out beautifully and was fun! I had some watercolor paper on hand and did several sheets for extra cards. Orange KoolAid was a beautiful color and the smell took me back to childhood. Great project.



about 4 years ago

Dip-dyed mine in a lovely pale blue--the color layers look like ocean waves. New favorite technique!!