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Honor Society Notebook

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Set the class curve by taking notes like a boss. Follow our carefully perfected marbling technique to make this notebook unlike any other. Small enough to take on-the-go and big enough for all your thoughts, it’s time to turn those ideas into reality.


  • heavy book (optional)


  • marbled notebook
  • book plate


5 minutes
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Gather your marbled notebook and book plate sticker. We'll be using the marbled kraft notebook for this project. If you haven't already marbled your notebook start HERE first.

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If the notebook seems warped from the marbling process press it under a heavy book overnight before applying the sticker. If it's flat, peel off the sticker backing.

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Place the sticker at the center top portion of the front cover. Press down firmly to apply.

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Mark it with your name or your next class subject.


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over 4 years ago

I'm loving this collection and can't wait to get started! Marbling is something I've always wanted to try but never got it together to take it on.



over 4 years ago

@melanie excited to hear that! Let us know how your projects turn out!