Initial Embroidery

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Make grandma proud (dare we say a tinge jealous) with this sweetly feminine needlepoint customized with your monogram. Keep the embroidery in the hoop and hang it directly on the wall.


  • scissors
  • beading needle and thread
  • embroidery hoop
  • letter template
  • pencil


  • linen cloth
  • vintage mix of rhinestones, sequins, and seed beads
  • template


1 hour
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Cut out the letter you would like to embroider and center it behind the linen cloth. Hold everything up to a sunny window and trace the outline of the letter using a pencil. You can tape everything to the window if you are concerned about it shifting as you trace.

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Unscrew the top a bit and push out the center ring of the hoop.

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Center the letter over the hoop as best you can.

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Push the outer hoop over the cloth. Make sure the top of the letter is lined up with the top screw on the hoop.

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Tug gently on the cloth all around the hoop to create tension in the fabric. You don't want it to be loose in the center as this will make it difficult to stitch onto later. When everything is ready tighten the screw.

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Cut a piece of thread 24" long. Thread your needle.

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Push your needle up through the fabric and leave about 2 inches of thread at the back. Then push your needle back down to the back of the cloth a couple spaces over from your original entry point. We are going to tie a knot with the thread at the back of the hoop.

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Tie a secure knot with the two ends of thread then bring your needle and thread back to the front at the corner or top of your letter.

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Thread a bead onto your needle.

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Figure out the placement of the bead and then poke right next to the edge of the bead and bring it to the back of the hoop. Come back up with your needle, close to the previous stitch. The goal is to fill up the entire letter space with a mix of beads. You will have to be creative in your placement as each letter will be different.

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To sew on the larger stones bring your needle up, close to the top edge and then back down through the hole in the stone. Do this again on the opposite side of the stone.

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To stitch on a sequin, bring your needle up from the back and thread a sequin and a small seed bead onto your needle.

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Then skip the seed bead and poke your needle back through the sequin. The sead bead will hold your sequin to the cloth.

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To sew on the round stones make sure to go through both holes at the bottom of the stone with your needle and thread so the stitch creates an "x" underneath. This will most securely keep the rhinestone on the cloth.

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Continue adding beads and stones until you've filled up the letter. Bring your needle and thread to the back and tie a secure knot. Trim the excess thread.

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Using your scissors trim around the back edge of the hoop, removing the excess cloth.

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Fold the cotton cord in half and tie an overhand knot at the end, creating a loop.

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Push the knot under the center of the scew.

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Pull the knot back over the screw and through your loop, then pull tightly.

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Use the thread to hang the embroidery to your wall or tie to the top of a special wrapped gift!