Jessa Chain Bracelet

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Rough cuts in semi precious stones and a bit of edge make this the perfect pair-with-everything bracelet. This statement DIY will make your jewelry box happy as can be.



  • plated steel curb chain
  • wire
  • jump rings
  • lobster clasp
  • gemstone center


30 minutes
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Grab the Jessa Bracelet kit from our shop and let's get started! It would be very helpful to own a set of jewelry tools for this project.

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Start by bending your wire on one side with your chain nose pliers, at a 90 degree angle about 10mm from the end. Then make a loop with your round nose pliers by rolling the wire around the round end of the pliers. You want the loop to be wide enough for the chain to fit inside.

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With your clippers, snip off any excess wire where it meets the start of your loop.

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Twist the loop open a little bit so that there is room for the chain to go inside.

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Put the last link of chain through the loop and close the loop back with your chain nose pliers.

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Slide your stone/s onto the wire.

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Push the stone/s all the way down to the loop you created. Then bend the rest of the straight wire up at a 90 degree angle. Make a loop on this side the same size as the first one using your round nose pliers.

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Place the stones at the center top of your wrist where you like to wear your bracelets. Measure the chain around to the center back and mark the link right at the center.

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Find the open split on the chain link you just marked. Using your clippers, place them at this opening, snip and then pry the chain open. This should allow enough room for the two sections of chain to separate. Discard the one link you snipped off.

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You now have half the bracelet made!

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Open the empty loop and put the piece of chain you just cut onto the loop.

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Now it's time to cut this chain the same length as we cut the first one so that it fits around your wrist. We will be adding length with jump rings and the clasp so if you like a tight bracelet you might want to cut this side a link or two shorter. If you like your bracelets to dangle on your wrist cut it the exact same length as the first.

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Open a jump ring by twisting it open, north to south. Don't pull it apart east to west or it will be very hard to get it back in a perfect round shape.

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Thread the jump ring through the last link of chain on one side. Add the lobster clasp and close the jump ring.

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Open the remaining jump rings and attach them to the other side of the chain to fasten the clasp to. You can also add a jump ring to an inner chain link if you would like to make the bracelet tighter.

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Now stack 'em up! It looks so good on you!