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Kora Kona Blush

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With endless DIY possibilities you'll be kissing away brand name make up and warming up to our Kora Kona Blush. Hibiscus and beet root powder give a rosy color to your cheeks, while cinnamon acts as a bronzer and is naturally anti-inflammatory. Now that's something we can raise our cocktails to!


  • cosmetic jar with sifter
  • blush brush
  • mixing bowl
  • wire whisk
  • spoon
  • piece of paper or funnel


  • organic hibiscus & beet powder
  • organic arrowroot powder
  • organic ground cinnamon


15 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll want a small mixing bowl, a wire whisk, spoon and a scrap piece of paper in addition to the materials included in the Bali Hai collection.

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To create the blush start mixing the powders together. Start by mixing a small even amount of all the powders so you get a sense of what color it will create.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-3 Pin-it%402x

Add all three powders to the bowl. You can also skip any of them if you like the color without one. This project is totally up to you and completely customizable.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-4 Pin-it%402x

Whisk the powder mixture together.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-5 Pin-it%402x

Add in more of the hibiscus and beet powder if you would like a more pinkish shade of blush.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-6 Pin-it%402x

Whisk a little more to incorporate all of them evenly. You can also use a food processor to get the powder even more fine (this is optional).

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-7 Pin-it%402x

Test the shade on your wrist. Add more powders and adjust the color if needed.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-8 Pin-it%402x

When you're satisfied with the color. Roll up a piece of paper to create a funnel.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-9 Pin-it%402x

Place the funnel opening into the opening of the clear jar. Pour in enough blush to fill the jar. Place the shaker cap on the jar top.

Bali-hai-kora-kona-blush-tutorial-10 Pin-it%402x

Shake off any fear of the unknown and do your skin a favor when wearing this natural and organic solution!


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about 4 years ago

I've never made any sort of make-up so this project is going to be great.



about 4 years ago

I am most excited about this diy! Can't wait to try it



about 4 years ago

Where can I get a tiny little whisk like that?



about 4 years ago

Hi @dramameg02 - Look up Mini Whisk on Crate&Barrel. Doesn't look like they have it online anymore but you could try to find it in store or google it for something similar!



about 4 years ago

I can't see that the blush is leaving any color on my (fairly pale) skin. I'm going to run it through the food processor and see if it makes a difference.



about 4 years ago

I found a set of two tiny whisks at Fred's dollars store.



about 4 years ago

@sondra how did the food processor work for you? We love the super smooth texture after using the processor... you loose a bit of powder by running it through but we think it's worth it!



over 3 years ago

Target sells adorable mini silicone whisks