Little Love Bracelet

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A delicate strand of faceted Czech beads and thin gold chain. Add a tiny silk tassel and you have the cutest things around your wrist. Ever. These tiny beads are incredibly multifaceted, they catch and reflect lots of light, so they're extra sparkly! This DIY kit makes one bracelet.



  • Czech glass beads
  • beading cord
  • silk cord
  • brass connecting bar
  • crimp beads
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings
  • rolo chain


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Thread one piece of rolo chain onto the beading cord, followed by one gold crimp bead. Loop the beading wire around the rolo chain and back through the crimp bead.

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Pull the crimp bead up, close to the rolo chain. Using your chain nose pliers, squish the crimp bead which will hold the beading cord in place.

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Snip off the small end of beading cord with your clippers. Be careful not to clip the long end!

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Add at least 10 beads to the beading cord. We are going to be adding another piece of rolo chain and the brass connector bar which measures about 1.5" total. Try to measure the section of bracelet we already have around your wrist and determine how many more beads you will need to add.

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Once you've added the amount of beads you need, thread another crimp bead onto the beading wire and the second piece of rolo chain. Make another loop just as we did before. Make sure to leave a tiny amount of space between the beads and the crimp bead so that the wire can bend around your wrist. Squish the crimp bead with your chain nose pliers. Trim off the excess beading cord with clippers.

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Connect the spring ring clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. Close it tightly.

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On the other end of the bracelet, use a jump ring to connect the connector bar to the rolo chain. Open one more jump ring and attach it to the last hole on the connector bar, close it - this will be the catch for the spring ring.

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To make the tassel take the silk cord and fold it in half and then fold it in half a second time.

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Cut a small piece of thin white thread and fold it around the middle of the silk cord.

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Slip the thread through a crimp bead and pull until a small amount of silk cord passes through the crimp bead, making a small loop at the top. Squish the crimp bead with our chain nose pliers.

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Trim the tassel to the desired length.

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Slide an open jump ring through the loop on the tassel and attach it to the bracelet wherever you would like.

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You are all done! If your bracelet came out longer than you would like, simply relocate the spring ring to the opposite side of the bracelet and use the rolo chain on the other side as an extender chain - you can clasp the spring ring to any part of the rolo chain to make it longer or shorter.