Logan Bracelet

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The perfect finishing touch: a line of luxe chevron howlite beads paired with vintage vinyl sequins, silk tassels, and silk ribbon. This gorgeous bracelet is a beautiful mix of shapes, sizes and textures.



  • chevron howlite beads
  • vinyl sequins
  • brass cable chain
  • silk ribbon
  • cotton thread in three colors
  • crimp beads
  • beading cord
  • lobster clasp
  • jump rings


45 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Using clippers, cut the beading cord in half. Set one piece aside.

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Thread a crimp bead followed by the last link of the cable chain onto the beading cord. Loop the wire around the chain and back through the crimp bead making a small loop.

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Pill the crimp bead up close to the chain and then squish the crimp bead shut using chain nose pliers.

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Snip off the short end using clippers. Make sure not to snip off the long end of beading cord!

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Add the chevron beads to the beading cord. Make sure all the beads are going the same direction and are lined up like vertebrae.

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Pull the beads to the end of the cord. Add a crimp bead followed by a closed jump ring. Then make a loop just as we did before. Make sure that there isn't a lot of room between the beads and the crimp bead - if there is it will allow your chevron beads to get out of alignment. Once you've got it all set up squish the crimp bead shut. Snip off the excess beading cord.

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Pick up the second piece of beading cord we set aside. Add on a crimp bead and then make a loop around the jump ring attached to the chevron beads. Squish the crimp bead.

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Add the sequins to the beading cord.

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Thread on a crimp bead and then two connected and closed jump rings. Make the loop leaving a tiny amount of space between the sequins and the crimp bead to allow the sequins to flow around your wrist when worn. Squish the crimp bead and snip off the excess wire.

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Measure the bracelet around your wrist and mark the point where the chain meets the start of the sequins.

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Trim the chain with clippers right where you marked it. If you like your bracelets longer you can add some length by leaving a couple extra links of chain on.

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Open one jump ring with your pliers and use it to connect the lobster clasp to the last link of chain. Close the jump ring.

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Grab the silk ribbon and tie a knot around the center of the bracelet. Trim to the desired length.

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Fold each piece of colored embroidery thread in half, around a small piece of white thread. Bring the white thread ends together.

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Use the white thread to pull the embroidery thread through a crimp bead. Pull the embroidery thread up just enough to form a small loop. Squish the crimp bead with pliers.

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Trim the tassel and make the other two colors.

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Open a jump ring and thread on the tassels using the top loops. Attach the jump ring to the center jump ring on the bracelet. Close the jump ring.

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Nicely done!