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Marbled Mojave Bowl

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This small, lightweight one-of-kind Marbled Mojave clay bowl in swirling colors of red, brown and cream makes the perfect catch-all for your bookcase or nightstand.



  • white sculpey clay
  • tan sculpey clay
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Gather your materials for the project. You'll need the white and tan Sculpey, as well as a baking pan, a rolling pin, an oven safe bowl and wax paper.

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Place a piece of wax paper down to protect your table surface. Divide your white and tan clay in half. Begin kneading one portion of the white clay out in your hands.

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Create long logs out of the clay and place one on top of the other. Roll the combined pieces together between your palms.

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Bend and twist the clay to create a swirling pattern. Repeat rolling iit n your hands

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You'll repeat bending and twisting the logs at least 3 times. Do the same to the clay pieces you set aside.

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Put both pieces of kneaded clay together and roll them into a ball in your hands. There is no exact science here! We rolled ours around for less than a minute.

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Flatten out the ball of clay with a rolling pin over a piece of wax paper. Turn the paper in different directions so you're rolling out the clay evenly into a circle.

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Roll out until the clay is about 1/4" thick.

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You might want to look at both sides of the clay and determine which side you'd like on top since they will have different patterns. Place the bowl you are using over the top and flip the clay into the bowl. Peel off the wax paper.

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Use your fingers to smooth the clay into the bowl. You can lift up the edges carefully to help you get out any air trapped underneath. Air will cause the clay to lift up during baking so be sure to have all edges touching the bowl, including the bottom. This is your chance to smooth out any marks or edges.

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Place the bowl onto a baking tray. Set your oven to 275 degrees fahrenheit , bake for 15 minutes. If you've adjusted the tutorial make sure to follow the baking directions on the packaging for guidelines.

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Allow to cool completely out of the over. Once cool remove the clay bowl from your oven safe bowl and you're all set to use it.

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Endless pattern possibilities!


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about 5 years ago

The only place I can log in is at the comment section. I try to log in when I open the site but it doesn't work. BTW I had extra clay left over so I rolled little tiny balls of clay and rimmed my bowl with them all around. Very cute!



about 5 years ago

I love how this turned out! At first mine was mysteriously all white on both sides, but I separated it in half and re-rolled it and it made a really nice creamy wave pattern. Great project!



about 5 years ago

Thanks @esprague! I bet it turned out beautiful!



about 5 years ago

I made this a little wider on the bottom and fluted the edges. It made an absolutely gorgeous soap dish.



about 5 years ago

Now I'm going to make some little soaps to go in it.



about 5 years ago

That sounds beautiful @dee!