Maritime Key Fob

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Cowhide leather mixed with natural wood beads update to your everyday carry. Daily wear and scratches will occur and show beautifully for years to come.


  • scissors


  • wood beads in two sizes
  • cowhide leather cord
  • gold plated split key ring


10 minutes
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Thread the leather through the key ring and bring it to the center. There is a back side and front side of the leather. The back side has a little more texture than the front. Try to keep the front side up while going through the steps.

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Thread the wood beads one at a time. We strung our small first, big second and then another small.

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Push the beads all the way up to the key ring.

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Now we want to tie an overhand knot to keep the beads from coming off the cord. Make a loop with the leather cord right under the last bead.

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Thread the ends of the cord back trough the loop and tighten. Try to keep the knot as close to the last bead as possible.

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Trim any length of cord you would like with scissors.

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Add keys and you are all done!