Melanie Wrapped Cuff

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This bracelet makes every outfit better, thanks to sparkly rhinestone chain, hand-dyed silk ribbon, and a modern hex shaped cuff. DIY kit makes one bracelet.


  • scissors


  • brass cuff
  • rhinestone chain
  • silk ribbon
  • glue


20 minutes + drying time
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Gather your tools and materials.

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Add a small dab of glue to the metal backs of each rhinestone setting.

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Center it on the cuff and press down gently to attach.

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Make sure it is centered from the side and top view. Set it aside to dry for an hour before moving to the next step.

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Grab the silk ribbon and place an inch of the end at the inside bottom of the cuff. Hold with your finger.

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Start wrapping the long end of the ribbon around the top of the cuff. Keep the inch of ribbon at the bottom as you wrap between each rhinestone setting.

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The bottom ribbon will eventually get tucked behind the longer ribbon. You can twist the ribbon a little bit to get it to fit inside the space between the rhinestones.

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Continue wrapping the entire cuff and stop after the last stone.

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Hold the ribbon under the cuff and pull a little forward to create a loop.

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Thread the end of the ribbon through the loop to form a knot.

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Tighten the knot on the inside of the cuff to hide it.

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Put a dab of glue right at the base of the knot.

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Set it aside to dry for at least 4 hours before moving to the next step.

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Once the glue has dried and you are certain the glue held the knot in place (if not just add a little more glue and let dry) trim off the excess ribbon with scissors.

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The perfect stacking cuff to add a little dose of sparkle to your wrist!