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Naomi Sleep Mask

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"We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day."

While we've certainly never said this, some days we're thinking it. After a long night out, or just a long week at work we're all about shutting the shades and pressing snooze. It's perfect for flights, strange hotel rooms, and ignoring your roommate.


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • needle (included)
  • pin or safety pin if you'd like
  • eye mask template


  • Liberty cotton lawn fabric
  • mint gingham fabric
  • natural cotton batting
  • thread bobbin
  • mint elastic ribbon
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Gather your tools and materials. Print out the template and gather a pencil or fabric chalk, and scissors. A safety pin or stick pin will come in handy as you start stitching (optional).

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Cut out the template along the outer line.

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Lay the piece of batting on your work surface and trace around the template unto the batting with your pencil. A fabric marker would also work if you have one. This will be going on the inside of the sleep mask so don't worry about stray pencil marks.

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Cut the batting along this traced line. Repeat this tracing and cutting for all of the fabrics. Make sure you put the right side of the fabric facing down and trace the outline on the back side, which is a bit lighter than the front.

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Trim the template again, along the inner line.

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Center the smaller template on the batting and trace around it.

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Center the smaller template on the back of the mint gingham fabric and trace along the edge. Also make a small mark at the edge to indicate the center of the mask, on each fabric. This is shown on the template with a small black line. This is where your elastic will go. Also, make these center elastic marks (you don't have to trace the whole inner line) on the top side of your Liberty fabric.

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Lay the batting with the traced outline face down on your work surface.

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Lay the Liberty floral face up, on top of the batting. Place the elastic along the center of the mask so that the ends line up with the midpoint you marked.

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To keep the elastic from bunching or moving around while you sew you may want to add a safety pin or stick pin to secure it. This will also make sewing a bit easier as it hold the layers of fabric together as well.

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Add the mint gingham fabric last, placing the right side of the fabric down, facing the floral. The pencil mark you made should be on the top as you'll use this as a guide while you're sewing.

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Cut a length of thread about 2 feet long. Thread your needle and knot it at the end.

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You'll need about two inches of open fabric to flip the mask inside out so either mark with your pencil or keep a mental note to stop stitching before you've stitched the mask completely closed. We used the indentation at the bridge of the nose as our guide.

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Begin stitching using a backstitch. This just means you'll stitch in a 'two steps forward, one step back' fashion. Backstitch creates an even line so no batting pokes out.

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In order to keep everything in place and stitched together make your stitches pretty small. I know, it might take a while. Unzipped is on Netflix.

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When you reach the elastic on each end secure it with a few extra stitches back and forth.

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Stop stitching a couple inches short of where you started. Knot your thread to the fabric and snip the ends.

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Flip the fabric right side out. Push out around all the edges so it's nice and even.

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Once you've flipped the mask so it's right side out even it out and make sure it's flat. Fold and tuck the raw fabric edges into the hole.

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Knot your thread once more and stitch the hole closed. To avoid seeing the stitches grab just the inside fold of both fabrics.

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Make small diagonal stitches in order to catch just the interior folds of the fabrics. You want this section of the mask to look like the rest. Try keeping your stitches inside the top fold. Following along the same path that you drew.

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Once you've stitched up the hole, knot your thread to the fabric and finish by pulling the tail into the interior of the mask.

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Clip your thread and undo the safety pin if you used one.

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You're all ready to do absolutely nothing.


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over 5 years ago

@kiltango we are all for using a sewing machine. If you've got one, use it! Faster sewing means more time to make more crafts!



over 5 years ago

I've got a vacation coming up...so excited to pack these for the plane!



over 5 years ago

Cute and easy to assemble. I like to give these little handmade items as gifts to friends, but my piece of liberty cotton had a pretty major flaw in the fabric right across the front with no way to camouflage it. Guess I will have to keep it for myself. :)



over 5 years ago

I love these fabrics together, so delicate and feminine. I might put a piece of black felt with the batting so I can block out the morning light better for lazy Sundays!



over 5 years ago

For all these sewing projects I cheat and use a sewing machine because I have no patience to sit and stitch the entire thing. (and my stitches are terrible) :)



over 5 years ago

I lost the template for this project, can you please email me the template at marcumem@gmail.com



over 5 years ago

Hi @emuh123 - the templates are available to download from the link above. Listed under "TOOLS"